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11/9 3:12pm
Happy Bunny Day! (Where's the Bunny emote when you need it?)

If you are playing Bunny Day in City Folk there is a stickied guide for the event here, and if you are playing Bunny Day in New Leaf you will be pleased to know that the Dev Team uploaded the guide to a static page last night. You can find it here.

This year we will endeavour to replace all stickied guides with static pages. We also appreciate that some guides may have been temporarily lost due to the archiving that used to take place. If you remember any useful game guides that have been archived, please let us know about them here. In that thread there will soon be a table showing all the guides that are in progress, are live, or are stickied on ACC. Once the table is added, please let us know if you have suggestions for other guides you feel should be added to ACC but are missing from the table.

Thanks, and happy egg hunting!
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