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11/9 3:12pm
Hello everyone!

In the last couple of weeks, another two updates have been deployed. These are detailed below and, as before, the feature titles are also links to the Site Features Queue thread which contains more details.

1.12.1 - March
ACC Buddies - Button
: The maximise/minimise button next to "ACC Buddies" in the left sidebar wasn't lined up with the same buttons for ACC Staff and ACC Wifi. This was corrected.

Fix - Avatars: Some avatars were corrected.

Fix - Top Bells: It was noticed that the recent Top Bells feature, which is explained in more detail here, caused at least one Jackpot advert to time out, and a Member was shown to have redeemed the Jackpot but didn't get credited with the Bells. This was fixed.

Private Threads - Phantom User to Add: After this feature was deployed, a bug appeared where sometimes the person who creates a private thread sees that they have 1 person to add even though they're not adding anyone. This was fixed.

1.13.0 - April
April Fools' Day - Animal Crossing Switch
: Since Nintendo have recently launched a new console called the Switch, we decided to use this in a prank and make a Site Announcement detailing how everyone could install Animal Crossing Switch.

April Fools' Day - Avatars for Community: The Stick Avatars created for Staff use during April Fools' Day 2016 were such a hit with the Community. So, the following day, we decided we would also create some Stick Avatars for the Community for April Fools' Day and other special event days. If you missed out on using them during April Fools' Day 2017, you can view them by going to the SFQ board thread and will be able to use them at other events.

April Fools' Day - Avatars for Community: In addition to the Stick Avatars, we created Boondox themed avatars for April Fools' Day 2017 - plus a random Schrödinger/cat avatar. If you missed out on using the avatars, you can still view them by going to the SFQ board thread.

April Fools' Day - Avatars for Staff: The Special Projects Team and Staff had a "Donate to Boondox" theme for April Fools' Day 2017. Unbeknown to the SPT and the Members, the Bells were actually going to the Staff. Ergo the Golden Avatars the Staff were sporting by the end of the day. You can view all the avatars on the SFQ thread.

April Fools' Day - Banner: As part of the  "Donate to Boondox" theme, a clickable banner was created which led to a static page showing the amount of Bells donated. It also gave a bit more detail about the backstory to the theme. The banner can be viewed on the SFQ board thread.

April Fools' Day - Username Changes: Apart from having a "Donate to Boondox" theme, the Special Projects Team Members also had their usernames changed for the day to reflect their stance on Boondox. Some were pro-Boondox, and some were anti-Boondox.
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