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6/4 11:42am
As some of you may know, Nintendo released its newest console on March 3rd of this year, the Nintendo Switch. The console can be played at home, connected to your TV or on-the-go with its tablet-like touchscreen that can be removed from its docking station. This makes it one of the most interesting gaming consoles available. As of now, there are very few games out for the Nintendo Switch and unfortunately, it doesn't look like an Animal Crossing game is in the making yet.

We also know that the community has been waiting patiently for a new Animal Crossing game. It's been four and a half years since Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out and we're all ready for a new game.

ACC is here to brighten up your day. Today, we are announcing that we've bypassed Nintendo and created our very own Animal Crossing Switch! Keep in mind that this was created entirely by ACC without help from Nintendo, so if may be somewhat different from previous installments of Animal Crossing. Users can install it today and it is compatible with all Switch versions.

Installation instructions can be found here. Please leave any feedback and reviews in this thread. Enjoy!
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