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12/8 5:45am
Apologies if there is a sticky somewhere for this; I wasn't able to find it.

I have been working on some video essays for Youtube, and when they are finished I was wondering if I could post a link so that I could recieve some feedback from ACC members. I was just planning on posting it on the off topic board, however I just wanted to check whether ACC allows this. The idea is just for people to watch the video (if they are interested) and give me some feedback on ACC. It'd not supposed to take people off of this website or anything like that.

I was just concerned whether this was against any rules as YouTube isn't always that clean. The content itself would be entirely clean, but I the comment sections often aren't.

Any clarification would be appreciated.
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12/14 5:44pm
From what I've seen over the years, a lot of videos from YouTube that get posted on ACC often get removed, as they are classed as "Sites with Offensive Content" - like you said, the comments sections are often the issue.

However, recently I have seen a few people using something called Safe YouTube to post videos on here, which is a "family friendly" option. I have no idea how it works, but from what I've seen this is completely fine to use.

Hope this helps.
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