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7/30/2019 5:16pm
I send and receive a lot of PT's, and have found myself getting frustrated when I receive a notification about a new post only to see that it's a post in the giveaway break room or a friend's BT I haven't been keeping up with. I don't want to remove myself from these PT's because I would like to access them later, but I also don't want to be notified when there is a new post in them because I do not actively participate in them.

My suggestion is to offer a "silence" feature for PT's that would stop alerts for that thread. The feature would be toggle-able so that you can change your mind about receiving notifications without penalty. With this feature, a user could participate in the silenced threads while keeping up with it in their own time. I think that this feature would be particularly useful for giveaway employees since they could set it up so that they only receive notifications for work related PT's.

I realize that this isn't a high priority development since it's a matter of convenience, but I think it could potentially be useful and thought I would suggest it!

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4/16/2018 9:08pm
i'm not i any pts at all, but this sounds useful. like a mute button on facebook for group projects at school that i only stick around for the important information.
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1/11 7:06pm
I agree that this would be a very useful feature. The staff are working on a thread tagging feature that will essentially allow you to organize PTs, so this might help with the issue.

I also agree that this isn't high-priority, but I don't see why it shouldn't be there at the launch of 2.0!
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1/14 7:15pm
Same here!!
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1/22 5:55am
I will bring this suggestion to be discussed in the Staff area.
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