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Update 1.12.0 is live with some fabulous updates, and we're pretty sure that everyone will find at least one thing to like about it. It could be the Top Bells feature, the new way that PT user lists are organised, the new code allowing markup to be shared as a template, the Welcome amiibo items added to My Catalog, or all of the wonderful avatars and backgrounds. Take your pick.

For those interested in more detail, please see a comprehensive list below. Please also note that each feature title leads directly to a thread on the Site Features Queue board where, in some cases, you will find more information.

1.12.0 - March
Avatar Backgrounds - Borders
: Some of the borders needed fixing on the avatar backgrounds that are available for both the Community and the Staff. They should now all be the same colour and thickness.

Avatar Backgrounds - New: The yellow/orange avatar background was removed from the selection available to the Community. Instead, four new colours were added: Indigo, Orange, Pink, Yellow. The Staff were given Mint and Teal backgounds.

Avatars - New: With the Welcome amiibo update for New Leaf, we obviously needed more avatars. These were added for both the Community and the Staff.

Board - New: Shortly we will have a new Special Projects Team to work on Media & Events. A new board was required for them to work on.

Bug - Modmin Permission: Modmins were unable to remove people from private threads in cases where a Modmin had created the thread. This was fixed.

Bug - My Threads: Previously flagging a thread in someone else's My Threads would take you to your own My Threads page. Now it keeps you on that user's My Threads page.

Fix - Avatars: Some avatars for New Leaf and Happy Home Designer were in need of a fix as they were either cut out incorrectly, or had been deployed as a mirror image. Over 50 images were fixed.

Fix - Typos: Typos were recently identified on three different pages. These were all corrected.

Guide Update - New Leaf April Fools' Day:  In this thread on the Site Support board, we are collecting information which is required for a New Leaf Villager Guide, and for the New Leaf April Fools' Day guide. Recently, some helpful Members provided us with enough information to update the guide. Additionally, the Modmin area where data is entered for game characters was also updated so that Modmins can keep updating the information without needing Devs to code it in.

Guide Update - New Leaf Cookies: The recent Welcome amiibo update added new fortune cookies to New Leaf. We did not have all the new fortune cookie phrases when the Cookie Guide was deployed last year. For this update, the two missing phrases were added and one of the images was updated.  

Home Page Banner - Winter: The current Winter Banner for the Home Page is very Festive and features Jingle. This is fine but, apart from New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, the Winter banner is used from the first day of December until the last day of February. Most people who celebrate Christmas have taken down their festive decorations by 6th January. So, now there will be two Winter banners - one for 1st-30th December, and one for 2nd January - 28th/29th February. You can view the new banner by clicking on the link.

Home Page - Event Calendar - This feature was to help Modmins easily add in-game events which show up on the Home Page Event Calendar.

Markup - Disabling: Click on the title to get more information. In brief, you can now share templates easily on ACC. Instead of interrupting every opening and closing markup tag with another opening and closing markup tag, you now simply add [code] to the beginning of the entire text or artwork you wish to share as a template, and add [/code] at the very end.

My Catalog - Welcome amiibo Items: Ordinarily, items are added to the My Catalog section of ACC by the Modmins. However, the Welcome amiibo update introduced such a large number of furniture items, and therefore a Dev was required to code a new category for those items. At the same time that a new category was added, a Dev added all the Welcome amiibo items to the catalogue. So, My Catalog is ready to be used. The items also show up in the Items List but not all images have yet been added.  

My Characters - Town ID: Some people like to use the same town name for different AC games. However, when creating a character and assigning them to an AC town the list showed only the town name - and not which AC game the town was for. To find out if you had assigned the character to the correct town, you had to visit the My Catalog page. Now, the game ID appears next to each town name in the My Characters page.

Private Threads - User Information: Previously users being newly added to a PT were indistinguishable from those already invited. Now they show up in their own section in the invited users list. Pending additions can also be cancelled up until the post is submitted. Also, you can see instantly how many people have read the thread, and how many have removed.

Private Threads - Username Collapsible List: The creator of a private thread would always see the entire list of invited users every time they compolsed a post. Now, the feature outlined above, which shows information about the users in the thread, also is clickable and collapses the list of usernames.  

Profile Link - Last Post - In the Board Info section of the profile, there is a link called Last Post. Members can go to any profile and click on that link to be taken to the last public post made by any other Member. Unfortunately, the link didn't take you directly to the post - only to the thread where the Member posted. This feature will ensure that the profile link goes directly to the post.

Top Bell Collectors & Jackpot Winners - We know how many of you love Treasure Hunting for Bells around the site. And despite there being no chance of a Bell Shop until ACC 2.0, we also know how popular the lists are of Members with the most Bells collected. Now, it's become a feature which you can access from the left sidebar in the AC Community section. It's called Top Bells. For more details about it, please see this thread where you can also ask questions directly to AnnetteSR who is the Developer who coded this nifty feature for you.

You'll also notice that in the same section of the sidebar, we've removed the link for the Bell Shop. This is only to prevent newer Members from thinking that the Bell Shop is imminent, but please don't think that "out of sight is out of mind" because we still want to develop the Bell Shop alongside ACC 2.0.

If you are unable to see some of the new items, or something isn't working for you, please try clearing your cookies/cache. If you are still having problems, or feel there is a bug with a feature, please post on this thread where ACWWFreakazoid, aldericon & AnnetteSR, who coded all of these features, can help answer your questions.

We hope you enjoy this latest update.

If you aren't following the updates on the ACC Noticeboard, here are some other updates that happened this year.

1.11.1 - January
Bug Fix
- A bug fix was required.

Bug - Trading Post: Feedback comments in the Trading Post couldn't be reported, This was fixed.

1.11.2 - January
Bug - My Characters and My Towns
: There was a bug that affected both My Characters and My Towns which needed a fix.

Bug - My Towns: In the My Towns section for New Leaf towns, there is a section that allows a Member to show which Shops & Amenities they have in their town. There is also a Museum section which allows a Member to show what is presently being displayed in their town Museum. Unfortunately, updating the Museum section is causing the data in the Other Shops & Amenities section to be deleted. We think this is fixed, but it was fixed before and returned. Please let us know if the bug happens again.

Bug - Profile: A fix was applied to a bug in the Profile.

Fix - Modmin board: The recent feature that allows threads to be sorted broke something on a Modmin board.

Fix - New Leaf Face Guide: In the New Leaf Face Guide one of the bullet points was showing jumbled random characters. Also, the link to the guide from the left margin led to a "Coming Soon" page instead of linking to the guide page. Both errors were fixed.  

1.11.3 - February
Fix - OSAM section of Profile
: In the Other Stuff About Me section of the Profile, any changes made were deleted if the Preview was used. This bug was fixed.
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