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7/29 1:45am
Preferred Name: Ethan or Brax

Date of Joining Staff: 1/31/2017

Staff Roles: Scout, I don't know if SPT Member counts but I'll list that

Background to Username: I am the Brax man. I also thought I was way cooler than I actually was when I was 13.

Background to Avatar: I was going to choose Resetti, but I figured he wasn't the best Scoutly voice. So asho28 suggested Don, and I thought he fit me rather well anyway. So I changed to him on Groundhog Day. The reason I chose the sand dollar background is partially because it looked nice, partially because I like tropical things, and partially due to an inside joke between my sister and one of her best friends.

Favorite AC Game: Animal Crossing - Population: Growing!

Favorite Color: White. I also like Lime Green

Hobbies: Video games, music, video game music. I play guitar, banjo, piano...and I also sequence music some, mostly in Famitracker and WarioWare D.I.Y. I also write some, and I've recently discovered The Joy of Painting I also Twitch stream, which you may remember from the ACGC event last fall.

A Little Bit About Me: I'm a Christian, 19 years old (as of this post), and you can usually find me losing forum games and posting on ACGC boards. I'm a college student as of this post and I'm working towards my English degree. I'm a homebody and a relatively quiet person, and as a result, I'm on ACC a lot of my time.

I loved working with staff on the SPT, and it's so exciting to me to join the Scout team I'm certainly not the most qualified member for the team, but I shall endeavor to make ACC proud

Thanks for taking the time to read this
"Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it."
Psalm 34:14
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