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Idea: Correct spelling errors in various places.
Date: February 2017
Suggested by: Dilpyckle, yankees24cano
Defined by: Dilpyckle, yankees24cano
Coded by: ACWWFreakazoid
Released: March 2017 [1.12.0]

Outline: The following typos were discovered:

From the moderator page:
""Maturity -- Moderators are level-headed, fair and objective since they are expected to remain calm in sometimes emotionally charged situations. We look for candidates who can handle the pressures of being provoked without having a tendency to retaliate.""
There is a special character between the sentences that should be removed.

From the privacy policy page:
"Q: What information in my profile is considered sensitve?

A: Any information that identifies you as a person should be considered sensitive. This includs your email address and birthday (if you choose to make these visible to others), name, location, website, picture, hobbies/interests, and IM contacts. You should always give careful thought before providing such information."
Both "sensitive" and "includes" are misspelled.

From the NL Hybrid Guide:
"Please remember that if you want Gold Roses, you should first have acquired a Golden Watering Can by achieving Perfect Town Status and you will also need to your Black Roses to wilt before watering them with the Gold Watering Can."
The bolded part should either be "your" or "to wait for your".
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