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11/9 3:12pm
Recently we announced that we are looking for a new Special Projects Team which would deal with Media & Events. In short, we'd like to get the Community involved in organising site events, and also for the Community to contribute to the content we post on ACC social media accounts.

We'd like to thank those who have sent in applications already. It's been lovely to hear your ideas, and to see that there is a good amount of interest in helping ACC.

If any more of you are thinking of applying, but are not quite sure what would be involved, here's a more detailed explanation of what type of work you would do if you join the Media & Events SPT.

We would like Members to work with the Staff on one, or more, of the following:

April Fools' Day Pranks - ACC is known to go completely silly every April Fools' Day. However, some in the Community aren't too fond of the pranks that the Staff pull. If you feel that your ideas would be better, and if you think that you could help define ideas posted by others, then we would welcome your input. Any ideas not used on one April Fools' Day can always be used on another one.

Official ACC Newsletter - We would love to have an ACC Newsletter. However, it needs to be a collaboration between the Staff and the Community so that the news items are balanced. Apply to join this SPT if you can help organise, set-up, and create content for the newsletter

Official Contests - There are various types of contests that could be run on ACC, such as keyboard art, room design, pattern, fan-fic, and graphics. These are just a few. We need help not just running the contests, but also need help with new ideas for contests.

Site Communication - Some in the Community feel that much is missing in terms of communication from the Staff. If you feel that the Staff don't always know what the Community wants to hear, and have ideas about content which should be posted on the Announcements Board or the ACC Noticeboard, then apply to join this special projects team and make regular suggestions for content that can be communicated.  

Site Events - These events would be similar to the recent "Halfway through GC" event. We want to hear about ideas for events we could run to engage all, or some of, the Community, and we need help to organise and run the events. The events can be related to Animal Crossing, or the site.

Social Media - ACC has a Facebook and Twitter account, where we regularly post content. However, you may have ideas about using other types of social media platforms, or have ideas about content and styles of posting. If you are a natural with social media, then apply to join the SPT and show us your style.

Anyone who feels that they'd be great with any one, or more, of the areas above should apply to join the new Media & Events Special Projects Team. We would like to hear from you by Sunday the 12th of February 2017 at 5:00pm. The reason for this deadline is because it will take about 2 weeks to set everything up, and thereafter we'd like to give the team a couple of weeks to have a chance to contribute to April Fools' Day pranks this year. However, if you see this announcement at any time after the deadline, you are more than welcome to still submit an application and join the team later on in the year.

To apply, send one private thread and include the following people:

Devin2600, Dimentio95, iolite, wakkitty, yankees24cano

In your message, you should tell us which area, or areas, you think you can help with. You should also give us a couple of examples of the type of ideas that you would contribute if you were in the team.

Thank you in advance, and we look forward to receiving your applications.
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