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4/16/2018 9:08pm
or to like them
or something along those lines

i just think it'd be pretty useful if im just there say, to read a thread but if someones already said something i would have said, i could just like it or something instead of just repeating it
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The staff has considered multiple systems like this, such as facebook-like likes or reactions, reddit-like karma, etc. From what I can tell, there is a lot of support of this idea from both the community and staff.

Regardless of what we decide on, it will likely not come out until ACC 2.0. With a major update planned, it would  not make sense to spend a significant amount of time on something that we will need to recode in a few years.

However, that also means that we have some time to decide on what type of system we want and how it will work. If anyone has any specific ideas, I can pass them on to the rest of the staff. In particular, some concerns I've seen in the past include:

- Will there be the ability to like and dislike or just to like?
- If there is a dislike system, what will prevent abuse of it?
- Will this be for all boards or exclude boards like forum games and giveaways?
- Will a person's total likes/post ratings be counted? If so, will it be private or public?
- If it is public in any way, what will stop it from becoming a popularity contest?
- Will karma/likes/feedback be tied to rewards in any way?
- If so, what should these rewards be?
- Should there also be a system like this for threads?
- If so, should there be a differentiation between likes/karma from threads and from posts?

In the mean time, from what I understand, it's not spam at all to thank someone for a helpful post, so long as there is actually some content to the post and not just "+1" or "thanks".
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4/16/2018 9:08pm
I can understand the code part. And i was thinking about it being used as a popularity contest too and I can see the issues it might bring...

i feel like there definitely shouldn't be a dislike button, in my opinion. with my time on yutube i know that people are definitely more likely to respond negatively to something that has lots of dislikes regardless of what they actually think. (not to say everyone is like that, it can just tend to bea recipe for disaster in my opinion) an UNlike button though, i feel like would be important.

as for seeing how many people have liked them, that could definitely push things towards a popularity contest. maybe the number could stop at 5? once 6 or more people like it it could just say maybe "+5..." and 5 people it just says "+5", if that makes sense? that way we would get a good idea of whether a lot of people are liking something but we wouldn't know exactly who. and i feel like notifications of who has liked it should be private, or maybe just show the first 5 people that have liked it.

i think any notifications of who has liked your posts should be private and i feel like if we tied rewards to them it might push things towards a popularity contest type of approach with them.
but! maybe with certain types of threads it could be implemented?
like if the mods were to make contest threads or something? like the official joke thread - people who have the funniest jokes could get perks for how many people like them. since that all has to be good, wholesome and clean humor anyways i don't see any harm in that? maybe the perks could be bells or something.

at this point i don't really consider it spamming either, sometimes i just don't feel like typing out a whole reply just to be like "yeah, this, [few extra words elaborating on it maybe]", and it might be nice just to have a like button. i wouldn't want this to replace or discourage people from saying that, i just think personally it'd be another neat way to interact on threads
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