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3/26/2020 12:55am
My good friend Gillby back in middle school, had a mom that had Polio as a child, and she got MS from the polio...(you might have seen this story on youtube) she was in a wheelchair most of her life, and couldnt move very well. So Gillby and I got AC:GC for her with our spare money. She played it for days and had lots of fun. We were just happy to see her happy. After 3 months, Gillby stopped playing with her. She played it for about a year. Then she passed away. Gillby had found AC:GC, a year after she had died, on the living room shelf, and started playing it in his character. when he opened his mailbox, letters and presents started flowing out of it. all from his mom...

"Just thinking about you, Love Mom."
"I miss our little chats! please talk to me if you need some advice! Love Mom."
"I love you Gillby."

Gillby came running to my house and brought me over to his house crying histerically.

Love your Parents. while you still can.
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7/29 1:45am
That was a cute comic. Every AC fan ought to see it.
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11/6/2018 6:57am
Oh this story is sad
I agree with you that this story is not happy
But I think that you write well

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