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11/9 3:12pm
This is late news and some of you would already have noticed that Update 1.10.0 went live last week. In this update we've added more Game Guides, this time concentrating on New Leaf. Since the Harvest Festival and snow season are both looming in New Leaf, you'll be glad to know that both guides are available, with pictures, in the New Leaf guides section here. These guides were previously available on a sticky on the New Leaf board, but didn't have pictures.

For those of you who may not know, Nintendo released an update to New Leaf which you can download from your console. This turns your existing New Leaf game into New Leaf: Welcome amiibo.

Since the update to the game, we've also added New Leaf Welcome amiibo cards to ACC. You can find these by scrolling down the page and looking for the Gameplay section in the left margin. In that section you will see a link called amiibo Cards. Click on that link to be taken to a new page with two search options. The first search option is a drop down list, and you can choose New Leaf Welcome amiibo there. If you wish to look at all the cards available, ignore the second box called Name/Theme/Series and, click on the blue Search box.

You can also help us to get out guides quicker by providing as much information as possible for New Leaf. Whether the guide is related to the original New Leaf, or the updated version, we like to create our guides with information gained directly from playing. Therefore, if you feel you have something to offer, please post in the following threads:

Welcome amiibo Information - Post here with information gained directly from playing the updated game, and let us know what's changed or different.
Roost coffee preferences - If you have chosen to build the coffee shop as a Public Works Project, and you spend time working there, let us know how everyone prefers their coffee.
New Leaf April Fool's Day Guide - We've got all the information we can from the animal pics in the game. So we know the favourite saying, and we have the birthdays. We would like confirmation of the other information, which is: Special Talent, Dream Job & Number Of Siblings.
Post information corrections here for AC Events, Catalogs, FAQ, Help & Staff Threads - Here, you can specifically help with the new items found in New Leaf: welcome amiibo. Items will be added today to the My Catalog section of ACC, but these won't be all of the items. If you've been listing the new items as you've been playing, please feel free to help out by posting in this thread.

Thank you, and enjoy the new cards and guides!
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