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Topic: Issue with Special Characters .... again!

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12/2 12:00pm
Sorry everyone!

Something that wasn't coded or changed in the updates deployed last night has decided to appear as a bug - and not for the first time. Once again, special characters have decided to play up. This means you will have difficulty posting special characters such as when you are using them as decoration or in keyboard art. A character will appear, but it won't always remain as the character you intended to post.

Eg - A regular bullet point may end up looking like this --> •

The problem is more likely to affect special characters not commonly found on standard keyboards, but could apply to characters on standard keyboards too. If you wish to use special characters at this time, then please preview your posts before submitting. That way, you can instantly see which special characters are affected and which are not.

When previewing, if you see a special character that is affected you should remove it from the text box immediately. If you don't, and depending on which device you are using, that same character will increase by one each time you preview. This means that you only have to have placed it in the text box once, and if you don't remove it but preview your post five times, an altered version of that special character will show up five times and not necessarily in the same way.

Apologies again for the problem, and be assured we are looking into it.....again.
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