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9/23/2016 8:54am
Good day all,

I would like some help on how to obtain candy in city folk. Thank you for your help.

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3/18 11:23am
We have a fairly good Halloween guide in this thread

I know you can buy it ahead of time from Nook's shop, and I know you can get it on Halloween from villagers, but I'm not too familiar with the event myself.
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4/8/2017 12:12am
From my personal experience, you can win it from villagers during Festivale, and you sometimes find it in eggs you dig up from the ground during Bunny Day. I've heard you can obtain it somehow during Halloween, but since I haven't played CF during Halloween yet, I'm not exactly sure how.

Just so you know, unlike GCN and NL, there are four types of candy. Red candy, yellow candy, green candy, and blue candy. You have to give Pavé a certain type during Festivale, but other than that I think there's no difference between the four. In GCN and NL, there's only the yellow candy, and it's simply called "candy".
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