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6/4/2016 2:47am
Day One: Already in Debt?!

I wake up to the usual Sunday morning smells, the crisp, clean smells of early nature with the slight hint of last night's rain. Sitting up in my little sleeping bag, I look around my little tent home, scanning for any signs of food. The weekly groceries hadn't been delivered yet, which meant I had the opportunity to "go into survival mode" and obtain my own food. I walked outside into the bright sunlight and shook an apple tree gently, the fruit falling effortlessly from the branches.

"Oh oh oh, good morning, Mayor Matthew!" squealed old Joan, the turnip lady.

Immediately I took off running. Turnips were the death of me. A few years ago, I had a nightmare that I bought an inventory full of them for 112 bells to sell during the week but they were already rotted when I woke up the next day. Therefore I lost a ton of hard-earned bells. Since that dream, I didn't dare go near Joan or talk to her or have anything to do with turnips.

However, I had developed a love for the flea market. Back when I lived in the Wild World, I opened a little flea market shop in the front room of my house. Late at night in May, I ran around town catching rainbow beetles to sell in my shop for ten thousand bells each. I was making money like crazy and had been drawn to the art ever since, which is why this morning I ran to Reese's shop to put my wares on display.

"Good morning, Matthew!" Reese said, motioning me into the shop. "We have some business to take care of this morning." She pulled out a clip board and passed it over to me. "This talks about prices. Not like your pre-set prices for your own items, but my shop. Your rental cost for one display is 500 bells per day, correct? Which makes for 3500 bells for one display for an entire week, in the case that the object doesn't sell within that week. Right now, you owe me about 7000 bells."

If I had been drinking water, I would've spewed it out. "How much?!" She repeated the number and my jaw dropped again. "Reese, I barely have a thousand bells, let alone seven thousand! I'm already in debt to Nook, what do you want me to do!?"

"Well I have an idea, Matthew..."

To be honest, it's 11PM and I want to go to bed in five minutes so this is a rushed chapter but hopefully it'll work out. I wanted to write something that reminded me of a story I was writing about three years ago when I played ACWW and actually had a flea market shop in the front room of my house. So yeah.
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10/13/2018 3:33pm
This reminds me of the starts to Abby's old stories and I love it. I expect that Matthew join a secret agency now abbybanana2001
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10/20/2017 3:06pm
Oh snap is Reese evil?
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11/15 8:49pm
Oh please continue! This is very intriguing! Can't just leave a brother hanging!
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