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5/7/2020 7:05am
I know about the servers for the Wii being down so I also know there's no way to get the DLC through the regular way. But I tried using software to change edit things in my save and the items aren't actually even in my game at all.

So I realised that the DLC in City Folk wasn't locked on disc til a certain time but actually downloaded to the console. Are there any ways to still get the DLC out of the regular legitimate means? Any help would be appreciated.

I figured I could possibly download the tickets for the items but it'd require somebodies actual game.

Also mods, I realise this post could be treading the fine line between posts about hacking but I'm unsure what to do, unless sucking it up really is the only option? If this thread is against the rules (which I read and tried to use as little information as to how I was trying to get the DLC to try and keep in the rules) then please delete it but I'm unsure where to turn and hoped some kind person could offer some insight in if it's actually possible at all.
Hai guys!
Bai guys!
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5/22 11:09pm
There is a way to get DLC now in City Folk, but it does require Homebrew, to the best of my knowledge. Therefore, I am unable to explain further per ACC rules. Sorry!
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