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Topic: HHD: Do you feel like an interior designer?

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4/13/2016 9:50am
This board is for general discussion about HHD and what aspects of the game make you feel like an interior designer.
I am writing a paper for my university course and would like to know what about the game makes that feeling come across, it can be anything from the "uniform" that is provided, the idea of clients etc...

Happy designing!
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12/10/2018 5:09pm
i think this game is so cute!

i have such a good time fussing over the design aspects of the game, i can't wait to look for a new client out in the town & decide what items of furniture would look great in their houses.

the way the animals respect you makes me feel like a designer, they trust your judgement & no matter what they express their happiness at what you've created for them! i feel like all i can do is improve & improve (much like a real life experience i suppose!) when i get positive feedback & a little tour of their home/yard once i've designed etc.

the uniform is a big thing too & also the office! you have a hub of activity in the town & your own workplace. that's a totally big thing, i definitely feel like i belong (& that i am a designer!) when i arrive at work in the morning (in game) & see the office!

also i feel so accomplished when i go into any of the major buildings & watch the animals at work, be it at the office or at a restaurant, i'm always proud of my creations when i see them busy or enjoying the food they're (supposedly) eating!

personally, i really liked this game. i was really immersed in it as soon as i got it, i loved the whole feel of the game & the responsibility (as much as you're given) that you have!

i hope this helps for your paper, i don't think i've really conveyed what makes me feel like a "designer" so to speak, but
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Not only does it make you feel like a designer, but you are allowed to landscape the outside of their homes as well! This gives me the ability to decorate the animals homes in a way that we were never allowed to do in the other AC games. I had always wanted to be able to do that, and now I can!
GG loves ACCF/ACNL and now Happy Home Designer.
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