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Topic: What was real for April Fools' Day?

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12/2 12:00pm
So, did you work out what was a prank yesterday, and what wasn't? Let's reveal what lay beneath some of the chaos that resulted from our oath, or maybe it was An Ode to Not Breaking ACC.

A new board called Schrödinger's Chat appeared with bizarre Board Rules and description: The Board Rules and description were both fake, but the board was a genuine board in disguise. It was meant to be a permanent feature for the Community with a regular name of Chit-Chat. However, upon reflection it was decided that Schrödinger's Chat, having kept AFD prank threads away from those who didn't wish to participate, would become a permanent April Fools' Day board available once a year. Therefore, this morning a brand new Chit-Chat board was created and it can be found here. Please read the Board Rules before posting on there.

The Spamming rule was updated: This was real. We needed to update it so that the Chit-Chat board could be used by Members.

A "Hit & Give" thread mentioned new Rule Threads and the Voice Your Opinion thread being locked: This is true. Voice Your Opinion will be locked. The Modmins feel that the thread seems to be a centre for arguments which often result in useful and helpful comments getting overlooked. Modmins also feel that the thread seems to focus on rule discussions and policy changes. In its place, suggestions for policy amendments or new policies should now be made on the Site Suggestions board, while Site Rules can be discussed on the individual rule threads soon™ to be found on the Site Features Queue board.

Stereotypes: Well done to anyone who figured out that the Staff and the SPT were in character. The Staff usergroups picked character themes related to stereotypes often brought up by the Community. In line with the stereotype, the Staff also had stick avatars.....

Stick Avatars: Some Members were quite taken with the stick avatars, and maybe we can get something done about that later in the year. The original stick avatar was created either by Jader or hoggle in the very early years of ACC, and remained in the ACC database. It was dusted off recently and used for the Mod avatar yesterday, but with the small addition of a banhammer. Using the original, more stick avatars were made to represent each Staff user group.

Talking of stereotypes and avatars, a thread was created outlining the roles of the SPT and Staff. It was done to poke fun at both groups, however the stick avatars at the bottom of the opening post were lined up and labelled in a particular order. Congratulations to anyone who figured that out and put it together.

If you didn't work it out, maybe you can try next year.

And talking of hidden things....

Coming Soon™ Banner on the home page: This seemed like a regular banner, but who amongst you spotted other images hiding in there?

An announcement about reversing permabans: Shock! Horror! Was this the most fake and obvious prank ever? Well, you might find that you were definitely pranked if you didn't believe us. It is true! We are considering requests for removing permabans, and have already lifted a permaban as a test case. It was discussion arising from that test case which led us to put in the proviso that a permaban reversal would be considered only if the permaban was done prior to 2012. The reason for choosing this particular year is because since 2012 the Site Rules have become increasingly relaxed. In fact, it is incredibly difficult to get permabanned by the Modmin team, and the more recent permabans have been issued because a Member has decided to deliberately act in a way that they know will result in a permaban.

Please note that permaban reversals are only up for review, and all we can promise is that each case will be considered. It isn't the case that every request will be successful.

I'd like to thank the awesome Staff and SPT teams who helped create the April Fools' Day fun either with their ideas, their coding or their participation. Of course, no April Fools' Day would be successful without the Members, and a huge thank you goes out to everyone who got involved yesterday. Apologies for any trauma that resulted. We're sure you'll recover in time for next year.

As usual, a thread has been created for you on the Site Support board, here, in case you wish to discuss, comment on, or query this announcement.
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