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Topic: A new board, an updated rule, and a new policy.

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4/15/2022 12:15pm
Apologies for any interruptions to your browsing earlier, but update 1.8.0 was being deployed and took longer than expected. We are happy to announce that a few things have been added, but mostly we are pleased to tell you about a new board, an updated rule, and a new policy.

The new board is available only for April Fools' Day, and is a more relaxed board for topics that may be considered spam if posted on another public board on ACC. To ensure that the new board itself doesn't break any Site Rules, because that would be embarrassing, we've updated the Spamming Rule.

You can find the new board here. And no, I'm not pranking you with that link. The link doesn't work now but will be working when we unveil the board tomorrow. As before, please read the Board Rules before using the board. That link isn't a prank either, and also will work when the board is accessible.

In addition to the new board, the Modmins are pleased to announce a new policy of unbanning some previously permabanned Members. We haven't worked out all the details because, hey, we need at least 7 years to work out anything, but we have definitely, probably, decided to review some permabans issued before 2012. So, if you have friends that were banned prior to 2012, feel free to get them to email the Modmin team on support@animalcrossingcommunity.com and we will review their cases.

Have we lost our minds? Probably! Are we serious? Definitely! You don't believe us do you? What is it about it being a few hours away from the 1st of April which makes all of you so distrustful?
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