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Topic: Post ya Spotify playlists hee're

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8/28 1:43pm
I thought it'd be kinda nifty to do something like this, I feel like Spotify is a great way to share and play music so why not

Here's a recent playlist I made, it just has some songs from mid 2000's, like The Fray and Coldplay. I find myself listening to it as an "uplifter" when I need some positivity in my life: clicky click

oldies (classic rock mixed in with some other randoms, normally I listen to it in the car)

my main playlist (filled with mostly alternative/hipster/punkish kind of music

classics (rap/hip hop, some pop, etc. I listen to this in the car often as well. just depends on my mood (-; )

*mind you some songs may have language, so please refrain from listening to songs that may be listed as explicit if you are bothered by that sort of thing.

Feel free to share yours here as well!
welcome back ACC!!!
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3/11/2016 3:39pm
Out of all my playlists this one is my favorite.
I haven't been on Spotify for awhile because I mainly listen to my CD's in my car, I don't have a radio where I can listen to Spotify.
But if I were to listen to Spotify in the car, it would most likely be that playlist.
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