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3/31/2020 10:25am
Preferred Name: Brandon

Date of Joining Staff: January 6, 2016

Staff Roles: Researcher

Background to Username: Haha! When I signed up, I was only in 6th grade - so I needed a username and didn't know what to pick. I know I liked music (as for the "Jammer" part), but I couldn't tell you where the "400" came from.

Background to Avatar: Well, Liv909 and I work together frequently as Data Analysts at Flying Gifts Giveaway (similar to the Researcher position), so we both thought it would be cool if we had similar avatars.

Favorite AC Game: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Favorite Color: Dark Orange

Hobbies: Web Design, Roller Skating, Writing, and Playing Animal Crossing.

A Little Bit About Me: I'm a second-year college student studying Computer Information Systems (but I'm also leaning towards Information Technology as well).  I really enjoy designing websites, developing new concepts, and listening to music. Over the summer, I work as a Food Service Trainer at my local amusement park and it is a job that I truly love. I love meeting new people and talking with them - I can come off as a bit shy at first, but I warm up quickly.  I'm always happy to answer any questions you might have for me.

-Jarikira (2/29/2020 11:23:19 AM)
I came into this world with nothing. And I leave with nothing but love.
Everything else is just borrowed. [i]-The Streets[/i]
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