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Preferred Name: Katie

Date of Joining Staff: January 6th, 2016

Staff Roles: Researcher

Background to Username: That's a weird story for another time.

Background to Avatar: I love Pascal, he is a very chill dude.  I think he will help encourage balance and peace for myself while I work here on ACC.

Favorite AC Game: City Folk

Favorite Color: Medium Purple

Hobbies: Baking and cake decorating, video games, music, movies, ACC.  

A Little Bit About Me: I live right on the edge of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and worked as a cake decorator in a fancy bakery for almost a decade.  When I was pregnant with my daughter 4 years ago I decided to make a change due to the stressful nature of the job.  I now work with a small food truck company that makes ice cream.  My work load changed drastically for the better,  I am in a much slower paced and nurturing environment where I get to be creative and make people happy with ice cream.   

I love being a member of this community and am really looking forward to working with the staff here at ACC.

...o0o. HH Landscaping .o0o.
.o0o. HH Interior Design .o0o.

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