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Preferred Name: Chris

Date of Joining Staff: January 6, 2016

Staff Roles: Researcher, Moderator

Background to Username: I've always loved the Paper Mario series, and I had just played Super Paper Mario shortly before I joined. I thought that Dimentio, one of the villains in the game, was a really awesome character and decided to use his name in my username.

Background to Avatar: I chose Porter because he was a nice character in NL and I liked his blue uniform. I kept him for my Mod avatar and updated to a background of Dimension D, which is Dimentio's personal dimension he uses throughout Super Paper Mario.

Favorite AC Game: Wild World

Favorite Color: Sky Blue

Hobbies: Video games, listening to music

A Little Bit About Me: I studied Chemical Engineering in college and now work as a manufacturing engineer in real life, I've always loved math and science. I live in the southeastern US. I've been playing the AC series since discovering Wild World.
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