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1/1 5:59pm
Has anyone else heard of the upcoming PS4 game No Man's Sky? If so, I'd love to hear what opinions you have of it.

If not, I suggest looking it up, because it seems to be really interesting and fascinating in how it is made and developed. It's also a new style of gaming and if you're interested in gaming, would probably like to be aware of.

I'd love to hear some thoughts on this, as it looks like a tremendous game.
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I'm in the camp that believes there's no way this game could possibly live up to its hype. I'm excited for it, but I feel like there's going to be some major aspect of the gameplay we don't know about yet which will make the whole game boring very quickly.
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2/27 11:45pm
No Man's Sky? You mean No gameplay? Haha They hardly show much about this game!

I'm excited for it, as well, but jesus, every time they show gameplay, it's so vague. They're just showing you how you travel planets.
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5/31/2020 6:36pm
I'm gonna wait for PC release and/or Xbox One release, whichever comes first (although I think it's only PS4/PC exclusive), just to wait for reviews. It looks something that could most definitely be overhyped and like someone else said, we have yet to see much of anything about it.

Yeah it looks promising, but in my opinion, I probably would be overwhelmed that there are infinite planets to visit or whatever they said. Like there's no way you will be able to complete or explore everything in the game just because it's so huge and that's kinda what worries me. I'm an achievement hunter and completionist (well, I try to be) so the fact that this game might never actually end, it kinda just stresses me out and overwhelms me.

Obviously there are tons of people who aren't like me lol.
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7/16/2016 7:25pm
"No Man's Sky? You mean No gameplay? Haha They hardly show much about this game! "
It seems like the more they show about this game, the less I know about it. Its always the same thing they show too; fly around in a ship, land on a planet and walk around (don't forget to look at the pretty stuff!), hop back in ship, done.

You can stuff a game with the biggest game world ever and all the pretty visuals you want, but seeing so far that it seems there is nothing at all do actually do but look around, I really doubt this game is going to be any sort of entertaining.
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