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9/17/2020 9:43am
So basically, I want to play Undertale but after looking at Steam's website, it says not to run the game on OS Capitan (I have a mac) which is the software I'm currently using. On their twitter they said if you buy it from the official Undertale website, it should work.

So basically I'm wondering:

1. Has anyone on OS Capitan bought it and got it to work (from the official site not from Steam)

2. i like in the UK, and the only pricing is in dollars so will there be a transaction charge or anything like that?

Thanks for any help
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11/26/2020 6:11pm
My sister and mom got it for their Macs on Steam, so I'm sure you can get it off steam. They both also have OS Captain to my knowledge. I do, and I'm getting it on my own Mac soon, so I'll report back if I remember.

(My favorite character is Mettaton. My sister has already told me about the game and it seems so cool).
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12/23/2017 5:42pm
I have Capitan and it runs just fine. I've played it through multiple times for 20+ hours.
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As for your pricing question, Humble Bundle (the website that the main site goes through) will automatically convert the currency, up to the nearest .49 or .99.
So at the current discount price, it should run you £5.49.

EDIT: Realized this thread is old.
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