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8/13 4:31pm
Great chapter, Dulce!
GG loves ACNH!
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2/18/2018 11:37pm
Chapter 28

   Finally, Marina now had everyone's attention; whether they were standing (not likely), flat on the ground (very likely), or floating on the surface of the pond, all eyes were now on her.
   "Are you all finally listening?" asked Marina. "Can you hear me talking?"
   "Do you hear anyone else talking?" remarked a black horse, who was lying with his upper body on the grass and his lower body submerged in the pond.
   "Yes!" said Avery, rolling his eyes as he laid flat on his back.
   "Squids. Big hassle," said Lyle, lying face-down in the dirt next to Avery. "Ol' Lyle knows the drill. Running? Not an option. Wetness. Here. There. Everywhere. Tentacles. Trouble. Insurance—"
   "Hey!! Shut up!!" exclaimed Avery.
   "What I've been trying to tell you," Marina continued, "is that, Bloop here, told me that he got trapped here and has been trying to get back home."
   "You call it 'Bloop?'' said Roald, floating on the pond surface.
   "That's what he said his name is."
   "You can understand its language!?" said a wide-eyed Jeremiah. "How is that possible!?"
   "Do you really not see a resemblance?" said Marina dully.
   Everyone looked back and forth at Marina and Bloop, trying desperately to find the similarities. Dulce and Bloop looked each other in the eyes, almost like they were trying to see through one another.
   Bloop shoved Dulce aside as he swam toward Marina. Once he reached her, he began emitting a swishing sound which, in fact, was his way of speaking.
   "He's performing a séance!" screamed a brown duck. "We're all gonna be cursed."
   Everyone was panicking and screaming.
   "It's not a sèance," said Marina. "He's just talking."
   Everyone calmed their nerves; a few tourists looked at the brown duck, whereas he shrugged his shoulders with an "oops!" expression on his face before a blue bull pushed him into the pond.
   "He's saying that he lives in the ocean," Marina translated, "but recently, a tunnel had formed in the ocean and it formed a current; it was too strong and it pulled him in, all the way into the pond. He didn't know how to get out. He couldn't swim back through the tunnel; the current was too strong to swim against it."
   "A tunnel, eh?" said Jeremiah. "I've been in one before, just not underwater. It was the Tunnel of Love....I think. Was it?"
   "You idiot," said Roald. "The Tunnel of Love is just a rumor, like leprechauns, fairies, and Chris Farlee."
   "He also said that he found bits of broken metal in the pond," Marina continued her translation. "He thinks that some kind of explosive set off under there and that it formed the tunnel."
   "I remember something flying into the pond a few days ago," said Avery after a moment of silence; "the whole pond exploded after a second. Yeah, I would remember that, how could I not? It splashed me from head to toe!"
   "Hey! That reminds me," said Nate. "Maybe that has something to do with that bazooka you—"
   When he turned toward Dulce, however, she was already a few yards away driving off on her lawnmower at mach speed.
   "Well, it seems that this squid here is not such a bad guy after all," said Tortimer. "Now there is just one more obstacle in our way: we need to find a way to get our friend back into the ocean."
   "We don't have any kind of crane in the village," said Bettina, "and he can't stay in such a little spot."
   "I'll bet I can use my almighty biceps to nudge him outta there!" exclaimed Nate as he struck a pose flexing his muscles.
   "Count me in!" replied Roald.
   Everybody decided to get involved and before they knew it, Bloop was being pulled out of the pond little by little.
   Unfortunately, even for a group of tiny tourists and locals, their giant friend was too big a load. They all lost their balance and because of this, so did Bloop. He flailed his tentacles trying to keep his balance, all the while whipping everyone who held on to them in the wind. They all flew off and hit the ground just in time before Bloop fell back into the water.
   "Goodness!" exclaimed Tortimer. "Is everyone alright?"
   Luckily, no one was hurt.
   "Hey, no biggie," Roald said with pride. "I can take more than a simple fling to the ground. I'm as healthy as a horse!"
   "Uh-oh!" said Victoria, lying on the ground with a nauseous expression. "I feel that parfait coming back up!"
   "Hey! I just realized something!" said Bettina with a look of realization.
   "The dress you tried on really did make you look fat?" asked Jeremiah.
   "NO!!!" yelled Bettina. "If anyone would have any kind of device to lift the squid out of the water, it would be Dulce. I always see her pulling something out of her bag."
   "Well then, let's go get her!" said one of the tourists.
    Everyone ran off to find Dulce while mayor Tortimer stood behind to keep Bloop company.
   "No need to worry too much about your predicament, my aquatic friend," said Tortimer as he stood adrift next to Bloop. "We're gonna get you back to your family where you belong. Oh, and don't blame that girl for her actions, she's still just a young sprout, and young 'uns these days tend to make many mistakes. I'm sure she isn't the ignorant type; she'll be able to get you out of this jam—there isn't anything that girl can't do."
   Everyone found Dulce and was now chasing her down as she rode the lawnmower back and forth in quick succession.
   "Dulce! We need your help with Bloop! Stop the lawnmower already!" shouted Nate over the noise of the motor.
   "I can't!!" she shouted. "It's stuck on auto-pilot!!"
   She held on for dear life (I guess...); her feet flailed in the wind as the mower ran out of control and trimmed the grass all the while.
Life is too short for hate...we have enough of that already.
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9/11/2020 7:47pm
Yet, another GREAT Chapter!!!
NH NanaVille w/ Marie
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2/18/2018 11:37pm
Chapter 29

   "...And we put this here, and this here," said Dulce as she assembled a device for carrying Bloop to the safety of his home, "and there we have it: a transporting device!"
   Everyone looked at her creation with its many buttons, a timer, a door, a light bulb inside that lights up when the door opens; in fact, it looked almost like.....
   "It's a microwave," said Victoria as she pointed at it.
   "Yeah, well," said Dulce with her arms drooping to the side, "I've been hungry for hours now. It's all that's been on my mind."
   "How were you planning on carrying Bloop with this?" asked Jeremiah.
   "Carry!?" replied Dulce. "How can I carry him in THIS!?"
   "Well then," said a white female wolf, "why did you make it?"
   "Because I was hungry!" said Dulce, pulling her own hair in agony. "Weren't you listening to my hunger speech!?"
   "If you really need to take food off your mind," said Roald reaching into his pocket, "I have this sandwich I was saving for my nephew. He really likes these kinds so I got it especially for him, but if you need it, I guess—"
   "Alright! Thanks Roald!" she said as she snatched it from his hands and threw it into her mouth.
   "I guess I could make him something else to eat," said Roald as he stared at Dulce chomping the sandwich.
   "Just buy him that remote control car I saw on tv," she said after swallowing the sandwich, "with the claws coming out of the wheels and he'll call it even. Now! I've been tinkerin' with all kinds of gadgets and machines and whatnot since I could change my own diaper...but this seems like a good challenge."
   She sat on the ground and began scratching her chin as she lost herself in thought.
   "What if we dig another hole in the ground," said Nate, "so he can swim back into the ocean?"
   "Nah, that won't work," replied Jeremiah. "Another current will form and push into the smaller body of water, which in this case will be the hole."
   "Why don't we get the biggest vehicle we have available," suggested Bettina, "and use it to carry Bloop all the way to the beach?"
   "We don't have a vehicle large enough for that job," said Roald.
   "Maybe we can just eat some spinach and use our newfound strength to sock him back home!" announced a brown monkey.
   "And then he'll sue us for injury," said a female zebra.
   "Do squids have law firms?" a purple ostrich asked.
   "You'd have to be real shady to pull off something like that," said Avery.
   "I'm lookin' at you, King Forgery!" said Dulce, grabbing Redd by the collar with an angry expression on her face.
   "Hey, hey! Come on, cousin Dulce!" Redd shrugged nervously. "I'm nothin' of the kind!"
   "This is troublesome indeed," Tortimer said to himself aloud. "Without water, he'll be in trouble, and the pond doesn't have enough to keep him soaked for his entire lifetime. Oh boy, what will we do?"
   "Not to worry!" said Dulce. "Like I said, I've been at this since early childhood, so as long as I use my head, an idea will come in no time!"
   So she sat there with a spaced-out look on her face.

   Some time later.....

   Dulce still sat with that look on her face, not moving a muscle. Everyone looked at her, waiting for the moment when an idea would strike.
   "She hasn't moved for an hour!" said Bettina.
   "Maybe she thinks she's looking at an orange juice carton that says 'concentrate,'" remarked Roald.
   "Well," Dulce finally spoke, "in the case of such an emergency, I'll have to go to my trump card." She got up and dusted herself off. "If you'll all excuse me, I'll need to make a quick stop outside of town."
   She ran off into the little forest off trees toward the entrance to town.
   "HEY!!! DRIVER!!!" Her yelling could be heard followed by the screeching of tires. "Drive like you're escaping from your in-laws!"
   With that, the sound barrier broke and the sound of a vehicle shooting off gradually became distant until it could no longer be heard.
   Everyone looked around at each other in confusion.
   "So what do we do now?" asked an orange tiger.
   "Wanna play Tetris?" said Roald.
   "Sounds like a plan," responded the orange tiger.
Life is too short for hate...we have enough of that already.
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2/18/2018 11:37pm
Chapter 30

   It had been an hour since Dulce had left town, yet the area surrounding the pond was still populated with Idyllites and tourists, save for Roald and the orange tiger, who were at Roald's house playing retro Nintendo games.
   "Does she really think that we have all day?" exclaimed Avery, as bitter as ever.
   "Knowing her," said Jeremiah, "she's probably devising one heck of a contraption to get the job done. After all, patience brings the best results, I think."
   "Yeah, well that squid doesn't have all the water in the ocean or his own means of entertainment, so what's he gonna do to kill time?"
   On the pond's surface, Bloop and a few tourists were playing a card game.
   "Go fish," said a tourist, whereas Bloop gave them a quick angry side glance. "I mean.....jog! Go jog!!" said the tourist in panic.
   "No worries," said Jeremiah with a friendly smile on his face. "She'll be back before you can say 'apple.' You've seen how fast she runs; imagine how quick she is in a vehicle."
   "It's been over an hour," replied Avery; "that's how long her grandpa should be driving! She won't make it back in less than another hour and that's my prediction, and if I'm lying, then may the heavens strike me dow—"
   THUMP!!! Avery was struck down by a vehicle-controlled crane that was manned by none other than Dulce. Everyone was staring at the crane in surprise.
   "Guess what I got on sale!" shouted Dulce. "A backpack with my name on it!" She held out the backpack for everyone to see. "Oh yeah, my grandpa lent me this crane. It would have taken him an hour if he were the one driving this thing; not that it has anything to do with this."
   "Look at the size of that thing!" pointed out a yellow duck.
   "I can't even see the top of it—the sun is in my eye!" said another tourist.
   Victoria tilted her head so far up to see the crane that she lost her balance and fell backwards into the pond.

   With the help of a few tourists and natives, Dulce had a large tank attached to the hook of the crane. The crane dipped the tank into the pond, filling it with water and letting Bloop swim into it. The crane then lifted the tank, so that Dulce and Bloop could be on their way toward the beach.
   All the Idyllites and tourists waved goodbye to Bloop, even knowing that it had only been a very short time since making his acquaintance.

   They gradually made their way to the beach as the sun began to set on the horizon. Where else was it going to set? The stove!?
   "Y'know Bloop, I realized two things today," said Dulce as she sat in the driver's seat; "first, I really need to stop running people over—they don't seem to like that; and second, regardless of life on land and sea, we're all civilized. At first, I thought you were some mindless squid out on a violent spree, but thanks to that pink octopus, I now know that you're nothing of the kind."
   "Swish swish" ("I thought you were a mindless human, but I guess you're alright," said Bloop).
   "Maybe one day, we could all get together and play some sports and have a friendly competition. Do you play sports in the ocean?"
   "Swish swish" ("Do I what?"), he looked at her in confusion.
   "Did you say you play football!? That's neat!" She now had a big smile on her face.
   "Swish swish" ("That's not what I said. I don't even know what that is!").
   "Isn't it amazing how much we have in common!"
   "Swish swish" ("She doesn't have to keep taking stabs at what I'm saying.").

   They had finally reached the beach (Whoa! That rhymes!).
   "Well Bloop, I guess this is where we say goodbye," said Dulce. "Remember the first time when you pulled me into the pond and swung me around? That was kinda fun! Scary, but fun. And then the time when you threw my friend Roald up into the sky! He's the chunky one with the beak."
   "Swish swish" ("Yeah, you two were asking for it," said Bloop. "Good times!").
   "And now, my aquatic friend, it's time you went back home to be with your family again!"
   "Swish swish" ("The first thing my cousins are gonna do is bug me about where I've been. I hate when they do that!").
   Dulce lowered the tank into the water and Bloop swam out and into the ocean, the freedom he had needed for days.
   "Bye squiddy!! Don't get into any trouble!!" she shouted as she waved goodbye.
   Suddenly, a hammerhead shark surfaced from the depths and lunged at Bloop! .....but Bloop was a giant squid, so all he had to do was lazily grab it by the tail, toss it aside, and keep swimming home.
   The shark landed in the tank.....a hole in one!
   "Awright!!" shouted Dulce in excitement. "A donation for the museum!"
   The shark looked at her and then punched the bottom of the tank in frustration, then sat down, tapping its chin with its pectoral fin.
   "Nice catch!" said Nate, who was standing beside the crane staring into the tank.
   "Hey Nate!" said Dulce.
   "Isn't this just as Katrina said? She said something about triumphing by reason."
    "That is just what I said," said Katrina, standing beside Nate.
   "What are you doing here?" asked Dulce.
   "I had only one scene," responded Katrina. "Is it too much to ask for another!?"
Life is too short for hate...we have enough of that already.
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8/13 4:31pm
AHHH, such a great story! Thank you, Dulce, for posting this again!
GG loves ACNH!
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2/18/2018 11:37pm
Chapter 31

   Six months later.....
   The sun was glowing red on the horizon as it began to set in the cloudless sky.
   "I can't believe I got a deal on a whole bag of Yipee Goldberg's Surprise Kaboom candy!" said Dulce as she walked home carrying a large bag of candy with a slogan that read, "Not to be used on the elderly, but if you do, wake the old prunes with a big kaboom!"
   "I'm gonna enjoy this!!" she said as she continued walking and smiling maniacally.
   The bus stopped at the bus stop (duh!) and let out about twenty tourists, following Rover as he led them along the field.
   "This here," said Rover, "is the village where a giant squid once dwelled in its pond."
   The tourists took pictures with their cameras of the village's surroundings.
   "One of this village's residents, if you remember my mentioning of her," he continued, "was the brains behind the plan in getting the squid out of the pond and back into its natural habitat in the ocean, but not before they had vicious battles with one another, leading to many injuries and damages of private property, which by now has already been fixed up. Speak of the devil! There she is!"
   Dulce walked across the road toward her home, laughing maniacally with a big grin on her face.
   "This is gonna be one heck of a blast! It's gonna be bigger than Cristina Reechee's forehead!!"
   "Look how happy she is!" said a female penguin as she took a picture of Dulce.

   As Dulce reached her front door, she took out her key and unlocked the door.
   "I probably shouldn't have opened the bag just yet," she said to herself as she scratched her head, "but I wanted to see them with my own eyes. Still, this is gonna be fun! The only candy that explodes at the first sign of extreme surprise. I wonder who the lucky moron will be!"
   She walked in and closed the door behind her. She then turned on the light and.....
   All her neighbors jumped out from behind the furniture wearing party hats. Dulce was caught by surprise and screamed the loudest scream and her bag of candy exploded into a bright flashing light, blowing out the windows and lifting the house ten feet above the foundation before falling back down.

   Everyone had sung the birthday song and Dulce had now unwrapped most of her presents.
   "A phone!" she exclaimed. "Now I can make prank calls to a telethon. Thanks, Bettina!"
   "It's from the 'lovely' collection," said Bettina. "I got especially for this occasion 'cause birthdays are so lovely."
   "Especially mine," said Dulce.
   "Last but not least, from us!" said Nate, Jeremiah, and Roald as Nate held out a present to her.
   She opened the gift and took out a blue "10,000 Miles Under The Ocean" t-shirt.
   "We got it to remind you of your courageous battle against Bloop," said Jeremiah.
   "Speaking of which," said Roald, "I wonder what he's doing right about now."

   Down in the ocean.....

   A crowd of squids gathered around Bloop.
   "And this clam," said a squid, "is my birthday gift to you as a reminder of your brave fight against the creature you call 'Dulce.'"
   "Thanks," said Bloop. "I wonder what she's doing right about now."

   Back in Dulce's house.....

   "It fits perfect!" she said proudly as she wore her new shirt. "It's like it was made just for me. Thanks, guys."
   "No problem," they responded.
   "Well," said Nate, "I guess that's all your presents."
   "And now it's time to cut the cake," said Dulce.
   "Were we not supposed to yet?" said Victoria with a bitten slice of cake in her hand and her mouth covered in frosting.
   "Hey Dulce," Jeremiah called to her. "There's a wrapped present sticking out of your luggage."
   "Oh! I forgot about that!" she walked to her luggage. "I got this on my first day here. I saw it floating in the sky by a balloon and it got caught in a tree. I was thinking of donating it to charity.....but I'm too excited! It's time to open this bad boy!"
   She took the gift from the luggage and undid the ribbon and finally the gift wrap. When the wrapping was off, Dulce's eyes popped out of her head (literally) as she stared and marveled at the thing she held in her hands.
   "What is it, Dulce?" Nate wondered.
   It took her a moment to find her voice again as she felt jubilee in her heart. It was none other than..........
   "PUNCH-OUT!! IT'S A COPY OF PUNCH-OUT!!" she shouted at the top of her lungs.
   "WHOA!!!" said Nate, Roald, and Jeremiah in unison, all with eyes as wide as Dulce's.
   "A complete, unwrapped copy!" said Jeremiah.
   "Let's pop this in the NES and play it right now!" said Dulce with excitement.
   "Before that," said Nate holding his camera, "let me get a picture of you with your new game. Now, give the camera the best pose worthy of a trophy!"
   And that's exactly what she did.

                             THE END
Life is too short for hate...we have enough of that already.
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8/13 4:31pm
I loved this last chapter Dulce!
GG loves ACNH!
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