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8/13 4:31pm
How thoughtful of Mayor Tortimer to send a sofa for Dulce. Looks like it will be well used.
GG loves ACNH!
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2/18/2018 11:37pm
Chapter 13

   Dulce woke the following morning feeling as good as new. The sun was shining on her face which warmed her comfortably and also blinded her a bit when she looked out the window.
   "Another lovely day awaits!" she told herself as she got up and stretched her muscles. She opened her luggage and took out a "no. 5" shirt and changed into it. "I look good in yellow."
   And so, she walked out the front door.....eventually—she was still blinded by the morning light and walked face-first into the wall over and over.

   She had found her way to the museum. Perhaps it might help her uncover some answers regarding the large tentacle in the pond. Now, she walks in. Well actually, she slips and falls on her butt, but who needs details anyway?
   The entrance hall was spacious and had four different entrances for different exhibits—a bug exhibit, fish, fossils, and paintings. In the middle of the room stood a sleeping owl. Dulce tried any means to wake him up; she tap his shoulder, shook him, yelled at him, even yelled about a Black Friday sale going on right now, but when that didn't work either, she realized that it was due to the fact that today was Tuesday.
   Finally, she pulled the alarm clock out of her pocket and held it near his head where it rang loudly, waking him at last.
   "Huh! Whoozat!?" exclaimed the owl; his eyes were wobbling. He turned and looked at Dulce; her eyes were half closed and she had a big goofy smile on her face.
   "Oh!" he said. "Hello there! You'll have to excuse me, I'm a bit of a night owl, you see."
   Dulce didn't say anything. Instead, she just stared with lazy eyes and a mouth half opened.
   "In any case," he continued, "welcome to the Idylland Museum. My name is Blathers. Now, may I assist you? You have but to ask! I am at your service."
   "Do you know anything about giant tentacles?" Dulce asked without hesitation.
   "Tentacles, you say? Well let's see.....they're mobile organs which are present in animal species, the majority of them being invertebrates—"
   "Good story! Where do you keep the squids?"
   "Actually, at the present time, we don't have any aquatic creatures in the museum."
   "Great," she said with a gloomy tone, hunching her back. "Now where am I gonna get a squid at this time? I guess now I'll have to go into the city and check out Red Crawfish. Meh, I'm just gonna end up getting hungry."
   Just then, Jeremiah walked into the museum carrying a clear bag filled with water and a squid.
   "I'd like to donate this squid," said Jeremiah, holding out the bag in his hand.
   "Oh boy! A squid!" said Dulce, snatching the bag from Jeremiah's hands. "Tentacles! There they are! Hello, widdle squiddy!"
   The squid looked at Dulce with wide eyes and then polluted the water with ink, obstructing the view inside.
   "You can't survive in ink just because it came out of you!" she said to the bag.
   "Well then," said Blathers, gently removing the bag from her hands, "permit me to take this off your hands. Thank you, sir. Rest assured, your aquatic friend will be given a good home here."
   Blathers walked into an entryway marked with a "fish" rug on the floor.
   "Where did you get that squid?" Dulce asked Jeremiah.
   "It got hold of my hook," said Jeremiah, "while I was fishing down at the beach."
   "The beach. Maybe I can get one of those huge fish...maybe that gigantic sea jerk from 20,000 Miles Under the Ocean!"
   She began explaining to herself while flailing her arms up in the air like those air dancers seen at car dealers. Jeremiah looked at her as though he was trying to figure her out, but let's face it: who really has the time?
   "I must head back to the pond!" she said, pointing to the sky...or ceiling, in this case. She stood in place, looking around at each entryway with worry. "Oh no! Which one is the exit!? How do I get out of here!!?" She fell to her knees and began screaming.
   "That one," said Jeremiah. "It's the only one not marked with a rug."
   And so she ran out of the museum and back to the pond to find......ok, just read the next chapter and you'll find out. GEEZ!! Do you really want the plot spoiled before you can figure it out yourself!?
   .....some people can be so lazy.
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2/18/2018 11:37pm
Chapter 14

   Dulce had arrived at the pond via Pete the postman later that day, which is strange, considering that the museum and pond are only a few minutes walk from each other. I'm sure you want to know how and why she showed up like this, so without further ado, here's the answer.

   At the time Dulce had left the museum, she began to think that just maybe, she could foresee what this creature really was and how it could be dealt with. But first, she wanted to take action. She stepped toward the pond, opened up her luggage and pulled out the bazooka.
   "Time to meet your maker, Wiggles!!" she shouted as she aimed at the pond.
   Just then, Mayor Tortimer and Nate appeared behind her.
   "Why, Dulce!" said Tortimer in surprise. "Now, little sprout, what are the rules about using explosives on the pond?"
   "'Don't use explosives on the pond,'" she said disappointedly.
   "Exactly! Most others would rather use a fishing rod to do the job right."
   "But I can't fish out a humongous tentacle! The last time I tried, it leveled the ground with my face!"
    "If you want some real excitement," said Nate. "head out to the city and check out the fortune teller. Katrina gives some amazingly accurate readings that'll set you in motion. Now that's exciting!"
   "Yeah!" said Dulce after a few seconds in thought. "She could tell me what's in the pond and how to get it. I could get everything I need there, even groceries!!"
   She threw the bazooka into the luggage and ran for the bus stop, then turned back around and reached an arm toward Nate.
   "You should come, too. I'll need a hand with the groceries."
   She pulled him along to the bus stop.

   When the bus finally arrived, they boarded, listened to Kapp'n the driver's chattering, and finally got off at the city. Dulce, however, jumped out the window before the bus could come to a complete stop; apparently, Kapp'n was giving her the creeps.
   Nate got off the bus and looked for Dulce, who landed on a ledge with her head in a bed of flowers.

   They walked around for a few minutes before finally arriving at Katrina's. Upon entering, they were greeted by....ok, I'll just skip to the point: it looked as though a gypsy lived there and it was dimly-lit. THERE!!!
    There was a small table holding a crystal ball. Behind it stood a cat with midnight blue fur and a gypsy outfit. (See? What'd I tell you? A gypsy!) Her eyes were closed, but had opened them when the two visitors approached the table.
   "Keeeeee ha mo-ta! Keeeeee heh mo-ata!" chanted Katrina. "Welcome back, lost soul of the Leo sign," she said to Nate. "Welcome, Dulce, lost soul of the Libra sign."
   Dulce gasped as her eyes widened.
   "How do you know my name!?" Dulce asked.
   "You're wearing a name tag."
   Dulce looked down at her own shirt and pulled off the "Hola! Mi llamo Dulce!" name tag.
   "Can you foresee a tentacle monster in a pond?" Dulce asked, not acknowledging how weird she sounded. Katrina looked at her for a few moments before answering.
   "I can foresee your future for just one-hundred bells."
   "Boo-yah!! ...I mean, sure."
   "Keeeeee ha mo-ta! Keeeeee a mo-ta! Meeeeeee ow pu-rata!" Katrina chanted, again. "I see it!"
   "See what?" said Dulce, leaning closer to the ball. Suddenly, a box dropped on her head from the sky, knocking her to the floor. Nate just watched with a smile on his face. ("Brings back fond memories," he thought.)
   "The sea and the land fight vigorously for triumph over the other," Katrina recited. "This is what the spirits show me."
   "What else do they show you?" Dulce got up from the floor and leaned toward Katrina. "Any tentacles monsters?"
   "They show me something more!"
   "What do they show you?"
   Katrina stood silent in concentration.
   "Well?" said Dulce. "What do they show you?"
   "The spirits heard you the first time," said Katrina with her eyes closed.
   "But I want to know!"
   "Don't make them come back here!" said Katrina with one eye open and fixed on Dulce.
   "Shutting up," said Dulce, shrinking away from the table.
   "The triumph will be a tie. Neither the sea nor the land will triumph alone, but rather together. This is a great convenience that will be brought upon by reason rather than action."
   "...What the heck is that supposed to mean!?" Dulce shouted in confusion.
   "I'm sorry, but that is all. I will now require one-hundred bells."
   Dulce handed over the bells disappointedly and walked toward the door. She turned around and pulled her hair over her face in frustration.
   "Aw, come on!" she said. "How am I supposed to go by that? How do I even know it's a real fortune?"
   "I can also tell you that you'll miss your ride back and take a unique ride out of the city," said Katrina.
   A little beeping sounded and Katrina looked at the watch on her wrist.
   "Time for my break!" she said, moving from behind the table and toward the door.
   "Wait a minute!" said Dulce. "What about the giant monster?"
   "Little girl, I have a life outside this room. Now get out of my way; I'm gonna miss my soaps!"
   Katrina nudged Dulce aside and walked out the door, as did her two guests.

   "Well," said Dulce, "that was a mystery."
   "At the very least," said Nate, "we can still get your groceries."
   So Nate did the grocery shopping for Dulce while she toured the city.
   By the time she got back to the bus stop, lo and behold, she just missed the bus; Nate assumed she was behind him and boarded.

   As she sat on the steps in frustration, Pete the postman walked by her.
   "Hey!" she called to him. "Can you give me a ride back to Idylland?"
   "Sorry," he said, "but it's not something I'm made for."
   "I'll give you five-thousand bells if you do."
   "Now you're speaking my language!"
   He took the bells and gave Dulce a piggyback (or pelican-back) ride home to Idylland via the skies; her hair whipping her in the face repeatedly throughout the ride.
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9/11/2020 7:47pm
REALLY enjoyed reading this so far. PLEASE finish it!!!!
NH NanaVille w/ Marie
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8/13 4:31pm
^You haven't seen anything yet! This is a great story that Dulce is again sharing with us.
Dulce, great chapter! I forgot all about the ride with Pete!
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2/18/2018 11:37pm
Chapter 15

   As I've said (or typed) before, Dulce had arrived via Pete the postman. She landed with the hairdo of the "before" girl in those hair product advertisements.
   "There you are, Dulce!" a voice called from behind her. It was Nate. He was carrying a grocery bag in one hand. "What happened back there? I thought you were right behind me when I got on the bus."
   "I was," said Dulce, "but then I saw some guy giving out prizes. I just got myself a pinwheel! Look!" She held out the pinwheel, which spun in the breeze. "How can you deny a pinwheel? The spinny spin spin in the wind. Isn't it fun?"
   "Ya got me there!" Nate smiled. "That color is so psychedelic. By the way, I dropped off your groceries at your house, and I brought you this. I figured you might want a snack after a long day."
   "Oh joy!" She grabbed the bag from his hand. She took out a box of candy. "Explodees!! Thanks, Nate!"
   Something suddenly occurred to her, she had a main objective she had been wanting to solve. She scratched her head as she lost herself in thought. She wasn't scratching due to thought, she was scratching because her head was itching, which might explain why Nate kept staring.
   "Oh yeah!" she exclaimed at last. "The pond monster!"
   She stepped toward the pond and looked straight at it.
   "I know you're in there!" she shouted at the pond. "You can't run from me, or that guy over there.....and there's nothing you can do about it!"
   Not a second after she said this, the tentacle flung out of the pond faster than you can say "eh?" and smacked Dulce in the face before diving back into the water.
   "GAH!!!" cried Dulce. "Geez! That smells like ocean...and it stings, too!"
   She was now rolling on the ground holding her face in exaggerated pain.
   "Whoa!" shouted Nate, wide-eyed and jaw dropping to the ground. "That is one huge tentacle! It must be some burly octopus! Looks like I've got myself some competition!"
   "What was that noise!?" came another voice. It was Roald, that friendly penguin. "It sounded like someone just got smacked in the face!"
   "Dulce just got whipped by a giant tentacle that came out of the pond!" Nate responded.
   "GAH!!" shouted Dulce, still on the ground. "I'm slimy...and I have a whipping sensation on my face! This is the first time it's happened when it wasn't the measuring tape's fault!"
   "Hey, Roald," said Nate, "I just had an idea! Since you're a penguin, maybe you could have a look inside the pond and see what that tentacle belongs to."
   "No problemo!" said Roald. "Just give me the word and I'll be on my way!"
   "Here ya go!" said Dulce, handing Roald an index card.
   He looked at it. There was one word written on it: "tortilla."
   "What's this?" asked Roald.
   "It's the word you asked for. Now go!"
   "...Well, it IS a word. Ok! I'm off!"
   He was off into that tiny holding pond outside Able Sisters. He dove in head first, making a splash as he sunk.

   Ten minutes later...

   Nate and Dulce were staring at the pond, awaiting their friend's resurfacing.
   "He's been in there a long time," said Nate, almost in a whisper.
   "Maybe he got thirsty and went for a drink," said Dulce.
   "Or maybe he won't find it and this whole thing will blow over."
   Suddenly, a very loud splash was heard in the river behind them. They turned around and saw something fly high into the sky. Can you guess what it was? Yes? Well, you're not the creator of this story, but I am, so here's MY answer: it was Roald! He flew fifty feet into the air before he plummeted back toward the river at high speed.
   Dulce and Nate ran to the river. When they reached it, Roald resurfaced, soaked to the bone.
   "You went from the holding pond to the river without leaving the water!!" exclaimed Dulce in amazement. "I didn't know you were a magician!"
   "I thought you had gotten lost down there!" said Nate. "What happened?"
   "You've gotta see that thing!!" said Roald. "It's as big as the town hall! Well, I only judge by what I saw; the rest was in too deep to see. Anyway, it tunneled from the river to the holding pond. I guess it got bored of me, since it discarded me."
   A moment later, Jeremiah (remember him?) swam out of the river, looking as blissful as ever, ignorant of the recent event.
   "Now that," said Jeremiah, "was a good swim. I feel twenty years younger!"
   The other three were staring at him like he was a riddle that had just materialized. Jeremiah stared back at them with that same look.
   "...What'd I miss?" said Jeremiah.
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8/13 4:31pm
! OMG, this is hilarious!!
GG loves ACNH!
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2/18/2018 11:37pm
Chapter 16

   "Now that everyone is here," announced Mayor Tortimer, standing in front of the crowd of Idyllites (residents of Idylland, in case you didn't know) outside of the town hall, "I call upon the first meeting concerning an unusual aquatic......creature...in the holding pond. These three here," he pointed toward Dulce, Nate, and Roald, "claim to have had an encounter with a large tentacle which, and I quote, 'flung out of the pond and attacked Dulce.'"
   Everyone looked at Dulce, who was still covered in slime from the creature.
   "How do YOU do this every day!?" she shouted at Jeremiah.
   "Is this going to affect my hours?" said Phyllis, a purple pelican. "Will I be getting less hours? More time for myself?" She began to show signs of a smile.
   "Oh my, no," chuckled Tortimer. "Your position is secured. Same times, same place."
   Phyllis turned her head and rolled her eyes.
   "Tch! As if anyone ever goes to the town hall at night!" she said to herself.
   "Since it was spotted in the holding pond," Tortimer continued, "we can catch the creature with ease and release it from its imprisonment in the holding pond, which seems much too small for a creature of its size."
   Roald leaned toward Tortimer and whispered something into his ear.
   "Good heavens!" Torimer exclaimed in shock. "It tunneled from the holding pond to the river!? If it could do that, it could dig up all of Idylland!!"
   Everyone in the crowd screamed in panic.

   "We're gonna die!!"
   "What are we going to do!?"
   "This is horrible!!"
   "Who stepped on my toe!?"

   "Now now!" said Tortimer. "Let's not panic. For every problem, there's a solution. I'm sure that if we all think, we can find the best means of ridding that creature from our water source. Now, when I was a young tortoise, my mind was the most resourceful. I'm sure that if I use my brain, I'll see that it hasn't withered one bit."
   Everyone fell silent as Tortimer lost himself in thought; Dulce stuffed her mouth with a handful of Explodees, which...well...exploded in her mouth after a second.
   "Well," said Tortimer, breaking the silence, "there's only one solution: we will just have to lure it out. Now, we just need to find a way to lure it."
   A few moments later, a crowd of tourists—led by Rover—entered the plaza and all the Idyllites looked toward them.
   "Oh my," sighed Tortimer. "Rover, my good chap. Didn't you get the message I sent about our dilemma? I'm not too sure tourists would want to be in the middle of such a thing."
   "Oh, but I did get your message," said Rover, with that well-known smile of his. "I let everyone know before they got on the bus, but the warning seemed more of an invitation to them, and they all refused to cancel their trip."
   "Hmm. I don't believe I can stop any of you, so.....welcome to Idylland: the home of tranquil life!"
   Not even a second later, a loud boom was heard echoing from the direction of the pond and a big splash of water shot up high into the sky.
   "And that!" said Nate, pointing toward the water gush.
   "Alright!" said a brown duck in the crowd of tourists. "I'm finally gonna be in the middle of a real life action flick!"
   "The whole water experience sounds kind of exciting!" said a pink octopus in the tourist crowd. The rest of the tourists agreed with her.
   "Let's go check out the river!" said another tourist.
   So they all did.
   "Follow me!" shouted Dulce. "I know the way!"
   Unfortunately, due to the slime covering her, she kept slipping, much like someone trying to ice skate for the first time.
   "Wait!" she said. "I'll lead!"
   The crowd of tourists ran past her on their way. Finally, Dulce slipped and fell on her face.
   "Go!" she shouted. "I'll catch up to you!"
   "Wait, wait! Don't tell me," said Rover, finally noticing Dulce on the floor. "You're.....Dulce! How've you been since I first saw you on the bus?"
   "Well," said Dulce, "I'm not covered in slime from a tentacle attack and I definitely didn't get trampled by a crowd of tourists."
   All the Idyllites were quiet for a few moments before Tortimer broke the silence.
   "I suppose we should go, too," said Tortimer.
   Everyone followed the mayor as he walked to the river. Dulce tried to rise to her feet, but every time she did, she would slip and slide around the ground. Nate came to her rescue.
   "Up we go!" said Nate as he lifted her from the ground.
   "Thanks a bunch," said Dulce. "I really need to get myself a bathtub."
   "Maybe you'll find one at Nook's Cranny. You should check it out later. I found a couple of—"
   "I forgot about the Nook Man!!"
   Dulce ran off toward Nook's Cranny, slipping and sliding constantly for about ten minutes.
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2/18/2018 11:37pm
Chapter 17

   Thanks to their maps, all the tourists made it to the pond (the big one, not the holding pond) before the Idyllites. Once everyone was there, they all noticed that the water in the pond was waving strongly, almost as if it were the beach and a giant wave was about to strike.
   "Look at those waves!" exclaimed one of the tourists.
   "What do you suppose is in there?" said another tourist.
   "Maybe something blew up in there," said another.
   The Idyllites were staring and listening to the tourists commenting on the pond. It was "blah blah this" and "blah blah that."
   "Now, why would they want to come all this way," said Tortimer, "just to be in the middle of such an unusual event?"
   "Hey, I feel for them," said Roald with a smile on his face. "Imagine one day, you're off on a swim in the local lake. Suddenly, a giant creature spots you on its radar..."
   "Living creatures don't have radars!" interrupted Victoria.
   "You 'inner' radar!" said Roald, implying the senses.
   Victoria stared at Roald and then at Bettina.
   "Just smile and nod your head," Bettina whispered to Victoria; so Victoria turned toward Roald and did just that.
   "So," Roald continued, "as it spots you, it rushes at you at thirty miles an hour! What do you do in such a moment? Would you flee for your life? Would you call for help? The answer.....neither. You stand your ground and fight with your bare hands, wrestling it to the bottom of the lake for the victory over your adversary and live to tell the tale to your friends and family, and in that moment, it will know that its intimidating size was no match for your powerful biceps!"
   All the Idyllites looked at Roald as he stood flexing his muscles. Not that they were impressed or anything like that; they were just wondering what he was so proud of accomplishing with that gut of his.
   "Wow, look at that!" said Jeremiah as he poked Roald's gut.
   "Hey!" Roald covered up his stomach. "I'm workin' on it. I just got the latest 'Gut in a Gutter Destroyer: Second Edition bench.'"
   So," said Tortimer, "how long will these tourists stare into the—"
   As it turned out, the tourists had jumped into the pond and turned it into their temporary pool. They were splashing each other, dog paddling (some were dogs anyway), and here and there you could hear "Marco!" "Polo!"
   "What do you all make of this?" Tortimer asked the Idyllites.
   "I don't know," said everyone.
   "Where's Dulce?" asked Bettina, looking around the group.
   "She went over to Nook's Cranny," answered Nate. "If she were here, I wonder what she would think of this scene? At a time like this, I doubt she would want to be anywhere near water."

   Back at her house, Dulce was bathing in her new claw-foot bathtub, while singing:

   "I told the witch doctor I was in love with you and he said......wait a minute," she stopped singing and thought to herself, "why would I go to a witch doctor about my relationship problems? ..........Sugar pop, sugar pop, oooooh, sugar pop!!" She began a new song as she scrubbed her arms.
Life is too short for hate...we have enough of that already.
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2/18/2018 11:37pm
Chapter 18

   Dulce came skipping up to the big pond (we may as well call it that to distinguish it from the holding pond) wearing a lemon gingham dress while playing a fife. She skipped up to the crowd of Idyllites with a smile on her face.
   "I'm back!" she said. "So, have the tourists made it to the pond yet?"
   "They must have," said Roald, "you've been gone since you left to Nook's Cranny four hours ago. See?" He pointed toward the tents set up near the big pond with the tourists sitting outside each one. "They've already set up camp."
   "Hmm," said Dulce, scratching her head with her fife, "I knew something was up when I saw the stars and moon after my bathe and beauty sleep."
   "....But what were you up to aside from the bath and sleep?" asked Nate.
   "I dunno. I guess I must have been spacing out. Well anyway, I wanna know what's down there. Roald saw something but he said not everything. I, on the other hand, will see EVERYTHING!!! Now," she began tapping her feet in thought, "I need to get a hold of some scuba gear."
   "Why don't you check out the tailor shop," said Jeremiah. "They just stocked some new items. I would know, I was there a few hours ago."
   "I should do that!" said Dulce excitedly. "Maybe I could even get the 'first customer of the day' discount!"
   She began power walking down the path to Able Sisters.
   "First customer?" said Jeremiah. "But I was already there today; plus it's nightfall."
   "Oh, Jeremiah," she said as she walked away, "you're living in the past."

   Over at Able Sisters, Mable was helping a customer choose a suitable accessory for their hair.
   "I think," said Mable, "that star hairpin looks lovely on you!"
   "I do have the ability to look good in anything, don't I?" said the customer, a white, female wolf. "I'll take it. This will be the highlight of my day! Now, how many customers do you get that can make your day such as Yours Truly?"
   The door suddenly flew open and immediately a voice said, "Gimme some scuba gear—I've got a monster to tackle!"
   Yep, it was Dulce. Seriously, who else would say something like that?
   "Wow, that star hairpin looks really good on you!" Dulce told the white wolf.
   "Thanks!" said the wolf. "Although, perfection does come naturally." She then struck a pose like a model.
   "Yeah, so does peeing," said Dulce, with a "yeah, whatever" tone in her voice. "So," she turned to Mable, "I'm looking for some kind of headgear for diving."
   "You're in luck!" said Mable. "We just had a new shipment today and now have some diving helmets in stock. Now, where did the deliveryman put th—"
  "This is perfect!!" said Dulce; something was muffling her voice.
  Dulce was wearing a diving mask. It looked quite large on her already-large head.
   "Look at me, I'm a pearl diver!" she said. "...no, that's no good. I'm a plumber! Yeah, that's it!" She began strutting around the store. "Hey, hey! I'm here to fix your overflowing toilet."
   The helmet was so heavy that she lost her balance and stumbled into a counter, knocking a mannequin head from on top of it, where it landed hard on the wolf's foot. The wolf hopped on one foot, holding her foot in pain.
   "Whoops!" said Dulce. "Sorry. This helmet is a death trap...and I'll take it!" She bumped her head into the wall and spotted something else of interest "Whoa! Wait a minute! How about that one?"

   Back at the pond, the tourists were gathered around a bonfire listening to a scary story told by a black horse.
   "...and that's what size your pants with be when you're forty!" said the horse in a mysterious tone. 
   "NOOOOOOOO!!!" screamed a female koala.
   "Okay!" said Dulce upon arriving back to the pond with all the Idyllites and tourists. "I think I'm ready to tackle this brother-from-another-mother. Now, I just need your opinion." She turned to Nate and showed her two purchases to him. "Which one is more suitable to the situation: the diving helmet or the frog cap?"
   "I'd have to go with the helmet," said Nate, scratching his chin. "The frog suit is more of an espionage getup."
   "Well then, I'll take both with me. If the monster suspects me, I'll switch to stealth mode with my not-so-suspicious frog cap."
   She put on the diving helmet and walked to the pond.
   "Well," she said, "here I go!"
   She dove in head first.....and landed flat.
   "That's just a puddle," Nate pointed out.
   She got up and moved her position and dove in again....and landed flat again.
   "That's a painting of a pond," said Nate.
   She tried one more time.....and, yes, landed flat again.
   "That's a tourist," said Nate.
   "Sorry," she said to the tourist as she got off of him.
   "No problem," said the tourist, sounding like he had just been strangled.
   She walked farther and farther on the search for the pond in the darkness.
   "Do you think she'll be okay?" asked Victoria.
   "I wouldn't doubt it," responded Avery. "If she can manage to get herself a decent diving helmet, then she must know what she's doing."
   As Dulce wandered off into the distance, she tripped over a large rock and tumbled into the pond. Yep, she found it at last.
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Chapter 19

   "Dulce's log," she thought to herself. "Eighteen hundred hours under water.....no, nineteen hundred hours...or twenty.....I don't know, I don't keep track of time; it could be my birthday for all I know. Anyway, I'm under water—wait, I already said that. So yeah, the distance: thirty feet below; the target: the sea monster. Sea monster? In a pond? Eh, I don't create logic. Dirt, dirt, and more dirt. A few large bass and the like. No monster, just some harmless fish, plant life, and an approaching tentacle. ..........BAH!!!"

   Up on the surface, the Idyllites stood a few feet from the pond awaiting Dulce's return; the tourists were roasting marshmallows on the bonfire.
   "Ever notice how delectable a marshmallow is after roasting it on a fire?" said one of the tourists as they held their marshmallow on a stick. "This is what life is made of—a clear night sky and a roaring bonfire!"
   "And a t-shirt," said another tourist, a squirrel wearing a blue number "2" racing helmet, "to commemorate the moment." He stood up and showed off his "Idylland Icon" t-shirt. "I got mine from that guy over there."
   The tourist pointed toward a beige alligator sitting a few yards from the bonfire selling t-shirts.
   "I got mine from that guy, too!" said an orange tiger. He showed off his shirt with a print of a shark with the caption "Maws."
   "How do you think that girl is doing down there?" asked another tourist. "I saw her fall into the pond not too long ago, but she was well-equipped with that diving helmet."
   "All I can say is this," said another. "On a night this nice, you can't expect anything but good luck!"
   And so, they went back to eating their roasted marshmallows which, by this time, must have become smores.

   Dulce was mindlessly punching the large tentacle as it gripped her in it's......well...grip. She punched and kicked, only to realize that she was too slow in the water. She did the next best thing: she switched to her frog cap and bit the tentacle. Success! She was freed from it's hold and swam like a swimming......uhh....swimmer, I guess.
   "I can hide in a dark corner!" she thought to herself.
   So she did just that. She switched back to her diving helmet and waited for the creature to leave. It was a pretty good plan, but if it weren't for the two banana splits she ate two hours prior, her presence wouldn't have been given away by her mother-of-all-belches, which caused an aftershock, momentarily shocking everyone on land.
   "Crud!!" she shouted.
   The tentacle felt in her direction for her location.
   "Okay," she said. She gripped the oxygen tube attached to her helmet. "It was five tugs to signal them to haul me up and ten to open fire. Or was it ten to haul me up and five to open fire?? Double dangit!! I never mentioned any of the procedures! Triple dangit!! I never mentioned anything!!"
   So she began digging into the damp floor as quick as she could, tossing dirt to float in front of her and obscuring the view of the creature. It was now time for her to escape the pond, so she swam as fast as she could!
   She finally surfaced and grabbed hold of a large rock, or better yet, boulder, and as the tentacle surfaced also, she lifted the boulder over her head to deliver the blow! (Yes, it contradicts logic to lift a boulder with your bare hands, but so does living with animals who can use adverbs and adjectives in a conversation) However, the tentacle was too quick as it curled up and punched her in the face. Dulce was dazed, losing her grip on the boulder and dropping it on her head.
   The Idyllites and tourists were too busy singing along as K.K. Slider performed "Forest Life" to even notice Dulce and the tentacle battling it out on the pond. (Sure, K.K. Slider only shows his face on Saturday nights, but this is a special occasion)
   They sang along as Dulce walloped the tentacle with a shovel she pulled from her pocket. After a few times, the tentacle took the shovel away via another one of its tentacles and smacked Dulce with it before tossing it aside. Next, she donned a hockey mask and pulled out a chainsaw and began swinging it. That, of course, failed as well, as she couldn't connect once and discarded it.
   Her last resort was her bag of Explodees. She pulled out a handful of candy and tossed it at the tentacle, but missed as they landed on the water surface. However, the candy sank as quick as a blink; the monster seemed to have eaten them because after about two seconds, there was an explosion in the pond, whereas the tentacle flailed around and tossed Dulce into the air and toward the bonfire, where she landed flat on her face in the grass.
   K.K. Slider stopped playing and everyone stared at her in silence.
   "It looks like someone just dropped in for a jam!" said K.K. Slider.
   "Next time I'm in the water," said Dulce, still face-down on the ground, "someone take a photo of that with your iPot." She turned her head toward K.K. Slider and said, "Do you know 'K.K. Country'?"
   "Sure do," he said. "Now cop a seat and listen to the beat!"
   As he played, Nate walked up to her and handed her a t-shirt.
   "Welcome back on land!" he said. "I got this for you. Thought you might like it."
   She stood up and took the shirt and looked at it. The print read, "I got mugged by Wills Forgo!"
   "Thanks, Nate!" she said with a smile.
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Chapter 20

   The following afternoon, Dulce sat at her table eating a hearty bowl of her favorite cereal, Flakey Flakes. She watched the television as the newscaster announced the incident in Idylland (you should know which one by now).
   "...So when your in-laws knock on your door," announced the newscaster, "don't answer it. In other news, in the village of Idylland, the locals informed us of an unknown giant creature inhabiting the pond. A few say they were attacked. Apparently, this news seemed to draw in quite a few tourists. Here's a rebroadcasting from last night of a resident of Idylland who describes the creature."
   The scene shifted to last night of Dulce wearing her "I got mugged by Wills Forgo" t-shirt.
   She said, "It's huge!"
   The scene shifted back to the news room.
   "And there it is, folks," said the newscaster.
   "Yup," said Dulce, eating a spoonful of cereal as she watched the tube. "I told them."
   She looked at the clock and jumped up from her seat...and hit the ceiling.
   "Uh oh," she said. "I need to get going!"
   So she ran through the door...well, first she ran into it, then she opened it and finally ran through and to the great outdoors, I guess.

   There were even more tourists sitting by the pond with their feet dipped into the water.
   "I heard it was flushed down a toilet," said a tourist, "and mutated in the process, and that's why it's so big."
   "Supposedly," said another, "it slept non-stop for five years and since you get taller in your sleep, it grew to massive proportions."
   "Well I heard," said another, "that if you say 'Bloody Squiddy' three times, it'll get you!"
   Just then, a roll of toilet paper bounced into view and unraveled just a bit on the ground beside them.
   "...You think it's some kind of sign?" said one tourist to the other.
   "Whoops," said Dulce, who jogged up from behind them. "That would be mine. You never know when nature will call when you're dealing with a sea monster in a pond."
   She picked it up and carried it along with her collection of toilet paper rolls which was twice her size. She dropped the pile on the ground, surveyed her arsenal of stuff and confirmed everything.
   "Ok," she said. "I'm ready to send the monster to Red Crawfish!"
   "Whoa, there!" exclaimed Tortimer. "Now just hold your horses, Dulce! No offense, Victoria."
   "Some taken," said Victoria with a slouched back and melancholic look on her face.
  "I can understand the few small tools you have at your disposal," Tortimer continued, "such as the fishing rod and metal detector, but why on earth would you be needing THAT thing!?"
   He pointed at the wrecking ball behind Dulce, which stood at a whopping three stories high.
   "Remember that wrecking ball I mentioned the other day?" said Dulce.
   "No, I don't."
   "That's the one. All I have to do is position the ball over the pond, then drop it...and it's bye bye squiddy!!" she said with a psychotic smile on her face.
   "Do you know how to work such a vehicle?"
   "Of course I do. It should be child's play after watching the process on that show plenty of times."
   She climbed up the ladder and into the driver's seat.
   "Which show is that?" asked Tortimer.
   "Loony Toons."
   She looked at the controls, which consisted of two levers and a few buttons.
   "Only two levers," she said to herself. "Well.....better than three choices! All I gotta do is move one lever with little to no consequence. So! I'll just move this one and get down to business."
   She moved the left lever and the wrecking ball swung sideways, crashing into the town's entrance arch and wrecking the upper section. Everyone, native and tourist alike, stared at the ruined arch and then at Dulce at the same time.
   She slowly stuck her head out of the driver's seat and looked at Tom Nook with a silly smile on her face.
   "Guess I won't be getting that third floor, eh?" she said. She stuck her head back in.
   "Ok then," she told herself, "I'll just move the other lever."
   She moved the right lever and the ball swung in the opposite direction and stopped behind the vehicle, forcing it to pop-a-wheelie.
   "Maybe I should move them both at the same time!"
   Now the vehicle was spinning in one direction while the wrecking ball spun in the other.
   "Cool it! ¡¡Cálmate!!" she screamed as she held the levers for dear life.
   The vehicle was jutting forward and backward alternately in rapid succession. Everyone was running in all directions and away from Dulce's antics.

   "I'm outta here!!"
   "It's gonna kill us!!"
   "Who stepped on my toe!?"

   "No worries, no worries!" shouted Dulce. "I think I finally got it!"
   Well, she was right: she did get it.....she got it to jet forward and dive into the pond, wrecking ball first.
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Chapter 21

   "...And it went out of control!" said Phyllis, the pelican who works night shifts at the town hall, as she sat on a stool in The Roost. "The wrecking ball and the machine spun like crazy!"
   Brewster, the bartender of The Roost, stood behind the counter listening to every word she said.
   "I thought that girl had reached her limit," she continued, "but, oh no, she sent the whole machine rocketing into the pond! I thought I was gonna get a face full of metal from that thing!"
   "I guess," said Brewster, "your being here means the storm finally calmed?"
   "It better have. I still have my usual graveyard shift to cover. That Dulce girl is one heck of a handful. First, I have to work nights, even though we hardly get customers, and now that girl comes in from Bombs Away Boulevard and bulldozes the entrance. After what happened, this place is my only safe haven."
   She took a sip of coffee and sighed in relief.
   A few seconds later, water flowed down the stairs and Dulce slid face-down with her limbs outstretched and spun to a stop at a nearby table.
   She got up and rung herself dry; everyone in the bar stared like she was a performer on stage.
   "Maybe I should've stopped at home and dried off first."
   She looked to the counter and saw a familiar pink bear sitting on a stool with a cup of Joe in hand.
   "Hey, I know you," she said. "You're that bear I played that game with on the bus a few days ago! I won, by the way."
   "Yeah," he said. "Congrats and all that."
   He turned away from her and thought to himself, "Please don't let her sit here! Please don't let her sit here!"
   "I think I'll sit right here," she said, taking a seat next to him.
   "Whoop-Dee-doo," he said in a disappointed tone.
   She turned her glance toward Phyllis and smiled at her.
   "Hi, night shift lady!" she said to Phyllis.
   "Phyllis!" said Phyllis.
   "No, my name is Dulce," said Dulce. (well duh!)
   She turned from Phyllis, who gave her an annoyed look, and toward Brewster.
   "A hard day's work deserves a reward," said Dulce. "One cup of coffee, my good sir."
   "One cup comes to 500 bells," said Brewster. "By the way, would you like some pigeon milk with that?"
   "Pigeon milk? What is that? Is it like when you add strawberry to banana or avocado to tostadas?"
   "You could say that."
   "Then I'll take mine with pigeon milk."
   "Coo. Coming right up."
   He poured the coffee into a cup and handed it to her and she took it with a smile.
   "Why do my methods keep failing?" she asked herself...or someone else, I don't know. "My motives are good. I just want to rid my home of monsters and overgrown rodents and bill collectors, but my methods don't seem to be working. All I ever do is knock stuff down. It's really fun!!" she said to the pink bear with a big smile. "...but I just seem to be knocking down all the wrong things."
   "Well then," said the bear, whose name (at last!) is Vladimir, refusing to look at her as he talked, "start breaking the right things for a change."
   "Well, sometimes I break the right things, sometimes I don't, then other times I break the right things and then break the wrong things along the way and before I know it, my bathroom has no walls. Maybe I should just quit, y'know, throw in the towel."
   She took a sip of coffee and screamed "Ith hod!" ("it's hot")
   "Let me tell you a little story," said Vladimir:" there was once a man who really liked this girl. He liked her so much that he asked her to marry him. She said no. Do you know what happened then?"
   "He lived happily ever after?"
   "No, you blond in a redhead's body. He moved on with his life because he knew that if she said no, then she wasn't the one for him. When one door of opportunity closes, another opens. Wait for the opportunity and then seize the moment."
   "Wow! That's so deep! I can't believe that girl dumped you even knowing you're such a great storyteller."
   "That wasn't an autobiography. In any case, use the opportunity when it comes, don't pick random moments and methods."
   She looked at him quietly for a few seconds before her eyes widened.....even more than they already are.
   "That's it!" she said to herself. "I know just what to do! Why didn't I think of this before? Oh well, I know now and that's all that matters. As long as I have this method, I will be invincible!!"
   She drank the rest of her coffee and started screaming again with her tongue sticking out of her mouth. She ran around the room and crawled on all fours, licking the water off the floor.
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GG loves ACNH!
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Chapter 22

   "I now call upon our second meeting," announced mayor Tortimer, "concerning the creature in the pond. Our little resident, Dulce, says she has an idea on how to save our village."
   "Oh God! She has an idea!!" screamed a tourist as they cowered and curled into a ball.
   "Now now," Tortimer reassured them, "she's taking this matter very seriously. So, without further ado, here she is."
   Dulce stepped out from the crowd wearing a shirt that read "If this were you, you'd be home already."
   "So," Dulce started, "if we are to destroy that party pooper from another mother, you'll have to follow every step I give you."
   "Are you sure that's a good idea?" said a voice in the crowd.
   "Well yeah! Who else are we gonna take orders from? You!? And who are you, anyway? My mom!?"
   "As a matter of fact, I am."
   "..........Hi, mommy," said Dulce in a low, cowering voice as she shrunk down to size.
   Everyone looked back and forth at the two.
   "Hi, sweetie," said Dulce's mom.
   "Can you take orders from me today? .....Pleeeeeeeease?" said Dulce with big puppy eyes.
   "Okay, only because you said please."
   "Thanks, mommy! Now back to the topic at hand. .....What were we talking about? Oh yeah! The big monster! Now, follow my rules step by step. Victoria, I need a big pan immediately! Jeremiah, Nate and Roald, build a fire! Bettina, bring that large bag I left behind that tree over there; and Avery, bring me the stool I left outside my house!"
   All six of the assistants were back and finished in a flash. Roald accidentally set himself on fire and rolled on the grass screaming, "I'm not meant for high temperatures!!"
   "Now set that there," Dulce said to them, "that right there, and hand me that bag."
   Once every step was done, they all waited for the outcome.
   "Now what do we do?" asked Bettina.
   "Now we sit," said Dulce, emptying the bag's contents onto the pan, which was set on the bonfire, "and eat some carne asada. You can't fight crime on an empty stomach."
   "I thought you had a big plan for success!" said Avery in his usual grumpy tone. "This is just a waste of time!"
   "You say that now," replied Dulce, "but later on when you're on the floor with no strength to get up and the monster is coming for you, you're gonna be saying 'Oh! I wish I had eaten some carne asada! Why didn't I listen to Dulce!? How could I reject an adorable girl's advice!? Now I'll be lonely for the rest of—'"
   "I get it," Avery interrupted. "I'll have some food, I guess."
   "I'm hungry myself," said Victoria.
   "Do I look like I can refuse a meal?" said Roald with a big smile.
   "I'll have some, too," said a tourist.
   Soon the whole crowd, tourist and native, was gathering for food.
   "There's plenty for everyone!" Dulce rejoiced.
   "Where'd you get that top quality pan?" said Nate as he sat on a large rock beside her, mesmerized by the shiny pan. "Look at it sparkle!"
   "I got it off some guy in the city. He slapped on a high price, but he lowered it over and over until I gave him the best bargain ever."

   Over in the city.....
   "She just took it without paying!" said Crazy Redd, slouching his back in shame. "I guess that's what I get for being a cheapskate."
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Chapter 23

   "Everybody finished?" Dulce asked the crowd around her.
   She got a couple of "uh-huhs," a few "yeps," and some belches from here and there.
   "I've been going at this all wrong," she continued. "This whole time, I've been chasing it when I should've been luring it out."
   "So we need to find something," said a female octopus, "that it wants?"
   "Even if we do," said another tourist, a male monkey, "how long are we gonna need to wait before we do anything?"
   "We have to be patient," said Dulce, "but we can't wait too long, otherwise we'll miss our opportunity. If that happens, it'll get away and then our home will be overrun with more monsters! We have to act quick or everything we love will be gone! Just like when I was a little girl and I wanted some popsickles, but when I opened the freezer door, the box was gone. So I went to ask my grandpa if he knew what happened to them. When I opened his bedroom door, he was asleep on his bed.....and all the popsickle sticks and wrappers were all over his bed and the floor! They were the best ones! Y'know the ones with the jokes on the sticks?"
   Now she was lying face-down on the ground crying as if that moment was only a moment ago, pounding the ground with her fists. Everyone was staring at her quietly, looking back and forth from Dulce to each other as though asking "Now what do we do?"  
   "More importantly," said Nate, "what are we gonna use to deal with it when it comes out?"
   "Why don't we all just use fishing rods to lure it out?" said Bettina.
   "Too much weight on the line," said Tortimer.
   "No!" shouted Dulce, lifting her head from the ground. "We need to LURE it out, not PULL it out. First things first, we find what it likes and then we make its existence known to the monster. When it finds out that it's within its reach, it'll come to the surface.....and that's when we strike!! Now, what do giant pond monsters like?"
   "Female pond monsters?" said a tourist.
   "Land food?" said another tourist.
   "Pizza with anchovies?" said another tourist.
   "Hit Parading magazine?" said Roald.
   Everyone looked at Roald in silence.
   "What? It can't be literate?" said Roald as he stared at all those peering eyes.
   "It has to be something much more tempting," Dulce said to herself, but still loud enough for all to hear; "something to which no water monster could ever resist....."
   As she began thinking, she scratched her chin...with Nate's claws.
   "Why don't you just scratch with your own fingers?" asked Nate.
   "Because," said Dulce, "I just cut my nails yesterday and now they're too short.....that's better! Now we—"
   She began walking and then unexpectedly tripped and fell flat on her face. She lifted herself from the ground and spit a mole cricket from her mouth.
   "I wouldn't mind that," she said, "if I wasn't full. Now, we need a tempting "something" to lure out the bad dude from below. Only question is, what does it want badly enough to come out for?"
   "Don't look at me," said Victoria, "the phrase 'I'm so hungry I could eat a horse' isn't literal."
   "Can't be me either," said Jeremiah; "it doesn't seem to want frogs anyway."
   "Don't expect me to volunteer," said Avery. "I'm an eagle, not a mayfly. I plan to live for more than one day."
   One after another, each individual gave excuse after excuse for not wanting to volunteer.

   "I'm too thin to be food."
   "I have nothing to give."
   "I'm too accident-prone."
   "This isn't my lollipop!"

   Everyone had their say in the matter. After all was said, one last voice said, "That's it! It's gonna get us all! There's no hope now.....we're all doomed!!"
   Everyone looked into the crowd toward the voice. The crowd parted and the one who spoke those words came into view: it was a pink female octopus.
   Everyone was now looking her and then looking each other in the eyes suspiciously.
   ".....What?" said the pink octopus. "What's going on?"
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Omg! Has it been this long since I read your story??!!   The last two chapters were great, Dulce!
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I need MORE PLEASEEEEEEEEeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

This story is so AWESOME and well written. Do you plan to be an author some day?
NH NanaVille w/ Marie
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Yes, as a matter of fact, I am working on other novels.
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Chapter 24

   "Hey! Let me down!" shouted the pink octopus. She was suspended twenty feet in midair by a rope hanging over the pond.
   "Is this really necessary?" asked mayor Tortimer.
   "I did have a backup plan," said Dulce, "but it was the ogres, and apparently, they're too busy to get involved."
   She pointed toward a group of ogres a few yards away behind them.
   "CAR FIGHT!!!" shouted one of the ogres as they all began tossing cars at each other.
   Portions of the crowd of tourists scattered out of the path of incoming cars, screaming for their lives. (Somewhere in the crowd, Avery was hit by a big rig)
   "I just hope this plan works," said Torimer as he scratched his chin.
   "Well then, I guess we'd better start this then," said Dulce.
   A tomato flew from the crowd and hit the pink octopus in the face, spilling tomato juice all over her.
   "Hey! What are you doing!?" shouted the pink octopus.
   "Isn't this how it works?" said a goofy voice from the crowd.
   "No, this isn't the Renaissance Fair!" the octopus replied.
   ".....Wwwwwhooppssss! Sorry!" the goofy voice apologised.
   "Okay!" Dulce shouted. "The bait is set; now all we do is wait!"
   Everyone stared into the pond, awaiting the surfacing of the monster.

   .....ten minutes later.....

   Everyone continued staring silently into the pond without moving a muscle.

   .....ten more minutes later.....

   No one had moved since they first began staring.
   "Okay," said Bettina, "it's pretty clear it's not coming out."
   "This plan needs something more," said Dulce. A car fell out of the tree behind her and landed flat on the ground. "I got it! We need music! Music that's really happening! Luckily," she dropped her luggage on the ground in front of her and opened it, pulling out a big radio, "I always carry a boom box and my music cd just in case a boring day hits me."
   She popped the cd in and pressed the play button.
   "Let's all sing along and get its attention!"
   Everyone began singing to the lyrics of the song:

   "Just get on down to the Bad Boys dance! 'Cause you know we're hangin' rough!"

   Everyone waved their hands in the air to the beat of the song—the Idyllites, the tourists, the ogres, the large tentacles..........
   ..........large tentacles??
   The music stopped any everyone stared at the huge tentacle spiraling out of the water. It stood still for a moment and then grabbed the pink octopus and pulled her into the pond.
   "WAAHH!!!" she screamed as she sank into the water.
   Everyone looked into the pond in silence and then at each other.
   Dulce twiddled her fingers on her hips.
   "I guess that plan failed, huh?" she said.
   "Well, it's not a real loss," said Roald, "I mean, she's an octopus; it's not like she can drown."
   "Still," said Victoria worryingly, "who knows what unspeakable things it's doing to her!"

   At the bottom of the pond, the pink octopus was waltzing as the large tentacle played an orchestral version of the Super Mario Bros. underwater theme.
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Chapter 25

   "Hey, I'm not goin' down there!"
   "I can't even swim!"
   "You go! You look like you can handle it!"
   "I'm too good-looking to die!"

   Now the entire crowd was shouting in panic at one another as to who her savior would be. Of course, no one wanted to volunteer. I mean come on, if you had to jump into a body of water housing an unusually large aquatic creature, would you gladly accept? .....I thought so.
   "Ok, it's clear that no one will volunteer willingly," said Nate. "Whether we like it or not, we need to come to some kind of agreement as to who will go and how they will do it."
   "What if we gag them, tie them in a bag and throw them in," said a brown duck. "That way, they'll have to do it."
   "But if they're gagged and tied," said a white tiger, "how will they swim? If that happens, they're gonna need saving, too."
   "Besides, where are we gonna get a bag?" said Roald.
   "Why don't you use your swimming skills, mayor?" said Bettina. "You always talk about how you still have the same vigor as a kid."
   Tortimer pondered for a moment, rubbing his chin as he did so.
   "Hmm, I suppose I can give it a whirl," he said. "Perhaps that young sprout within has just been hibernating."
   So he walked toward the pond with the assistance of his walking cane and his distinguishable top hat.
   "Yay!" shouted Victoria. "The mayor is doing something...unlike a president!"
   Everyone watched as Tortimer walked into the water and began swimming slowly. Only two seconds later, he started sinking as slowly as he swam.
   "Oh....." was all he said before his head disappeared under the surface; his hat was all that was left on the surface as it bobbed up and down from the waves.
   "Does this mean I'm gonna be the mayor?" said Jeremiah.
   "Wow, he just sank like the stock market," said Roald.
   "Well, he is a geezer," said Avery with a disappointed expression. 
   "I guess we'll just have to decide the old-fashioned way," said Dulce. "We'll draw straws."
   So they all drew a straw to determine the lucky contestant. Yeah, Dulce has a collection of straws large enough to give everyone a chance.....love her for who she is.
   "Now remember everyone," said Dulce, "these straws are all the same length, but only one has a different print on it, so if you get that unique straw, then get your butt in the water."
   Everyone looked at their straw. Most of them had the print "McDoodle's." They all looked over at each other to see the straws each individual got.
   "I got McDoodle's," said a tourist.
   "Me, too," said another.
   "Same here," and another.
   "McDoodle's right here!" said Nate.

   All the tourists and locals got McDoodle's straws. Apparently, they all got the same print, except for.....
   Dulce looked at her straw, which read "Loser's Delight."
   "GAH!!!" she shouted, throwing the straw to the ground.
   Everyone eyed her as she made it clear that she was the "lucky" contestant.
   "Alright, fine," she said, slouching her back. "I guess it's time for the moment of truth." She turned toward Victoria. "Have you been stealing my candy!?"
   "No," said Victoria.
   "Ok, there's the truth. Well," Dulce heaved a heavy sigh, "time to do this."
   She walked hesitantly toward the pond; however, before she could get within a foot of it, the ground began to shake.
   Everyone began tottering back and forth from the force of the quake.
   "What's happening!?" shouted Bettina.
   "Alright!" said a brown monkey holding a cup of strawberry milk. "Shaken, not stirred!"
   "This is bad!" shouted Dulce. "We're in trouble...and I still never owned my own copy of Punch-Out!!"
   A moment later, Tortimer surfaced from the pond, scurrying up from the water as fast as he could.
   "Everybody, run!" he shouted. "It's coming!"
   Of course no one ran since they saw nothing surface, until it actually did come out of the water a second later.
   As it popped up from the surface, it threw a huge gush of water in every direction. Almost everyone was splashed and soaked to the bone.
   "What's the point of life?" said Avery, looking at his drenched feathers.
   The large monster was a huge white squid; in fact, it looked very much like the Bloopers you see in a Mario game. It wiggled it's giant tentacles wildly, carrying the pink octopus in one.
   "Hey, come on! Go easy on me," said the pink octopus....y'know what, let's go by her name: Marina; "I'm way smaller than you!"
   "I hate to admit this," said Nate nervously, "but it looks like I'll have to use my claws to drive it away." He looked at his paws with disappoinment. "So much for today's fruit slicing marathon."
   He then ran clumsily at the squid.
   Roald and Jeremiah looked at each other with doubt.
   "We are water creatures," said Jeremiah, "but that thing is too...and it's way bigger! What do we do?"
   "Not to worry," said Dulce with a proud smile as she felt through her luggage. "I have this!"
   She pulled a sword out of her luggage and held it out, a very familiar sword.
   "Where'd you get that!?" said Roald as he and Jeremiah stared in wide-eyed wonder.
   "I found it when I used a time machine and traveled to another time. It wasn't being used, so I figured it was up for grabs."

   In a distant land and time, a princess and a green-clad warrior stood before a huge boar-like monster holding large swords.
   "Now!" shouted the princess. "Use the sword!"
   "Time to meet your maker!" shouted the warrior.
   He reached into his sheathe for his sword, but found nothing. With a surprised look, he looked in the sheathe to confirm the sword's absence. He felt around his gear looking and looking for the sword, but to no avail.
   The princess looked at him like he was an idiot; he looked at the giant monster dully.
   "Hm," said the warrior as he slouched his back with a look of realization on his face.
Life is too short for hate...we have enough of that already.
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I saw what you did there! v You never fail to make me laugh!
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Chapter 26

   "Are you really gonna go for it?" asked Roald with wide eyes.
   "If I don't go," replied Dulce, "how will I know whether or not I can do it?"
   "Maybe you should've gotten a reading from Katrina before you decided on this," said Jeremiah.
   "I already did," said Dulce with her arms akimbo, "and for your information, she said she didn't want to miss her soaps. Why would anyone watch anything with bad CG animation?"
   "It looks like it's going into rage mode," said Mayor Tortimer, pointing at the giant squid.
   The giant squid held a machine gun in each tentacle and a bandana wrapped around it's forehead (if you can call it that), shooting at every tourist and resident; luckily, it missed with every shot.
   "This is just like that movie, Rumbo!!" shouted an orange tiger as he ran for his life with a smile on his face.
   "That does it!" said Dulce as she adjusted her dress. "It's time to take out the garbage!"
   So she ran forward at mach speed carrying the sword in her hand. She made a turn behind her house and five seconds later, she came back pushing a trash bin to the corner of the house.
   "Now," she said staring toward the sky, "it's time for Moby Slick to say goodbye!!"
   She raised the sword up in the air in a heroic pose. Her left foot slipped forward slowly until she dropped to the floor doing the splits.
   "I didn't know you could do the splits!" shouted Roald.
   "I can't," she responded with a spaced out smile on her face as she stared blankly ahead of her.
Life is too short for hate...we have enough of that already.
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Ohh, that had to hurt!!
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Chapter 27

   Nate was hanging onto one of the squid's tentacles with one hand (or paw) as he flailed all around like a rag doll. At least he wasn't alone: in case you don't remember, our first victim was Marina.
   "It's time for you to try out that sword, Dulce!" said Jeremiah as he looked out toward the squid. When Dulce didn't respond, he turned around. "Dulce?"
   "Make a wish and pull my legs," said Dulce with a spaced-out expression and a smile on her face.....still doing the splits.
   Roald and Jeremiah helped her up, but her legs were still in a splits position. They pushed her legs back together so she could stand on her own again.
   "Much obliged," she said with lazy eyes. "No more slacking off; it's time to do this!"
   She bolted toward the squid.
   A second later, she walked back.
   "Forgot this," she said as she picked up the sword and then zipping off.
   "I think she's gonna do it!" said Roald.
   Not even a second later came an explosion followed by a group of tourists along with Dulce thrown backward, closer to Roald and Jeremiah's position.
   "Oh yeah?" shouted Dulce. She pulled a small explosive barrel out of her luggage (a real G.I., eh?). "Now make like a banana and die!!"
   She tossed the barrel with all her might at the squid.....and missed. It ricocheted off a tree, which slung it at Avery, blowing up on him and setting his feathers on fire.
   "Somebody help me!!" shouted Avery as he ran around in a circle flapping his wings.
   "Don't worry!" said Dulce. "I'll do something!"
   She ran to Avery as fast as she could. She then grabbed him and tossed him up on a tree.
   "What are you doing!?" he shouted. "I'm on fire! You gotta put me—"
   She used the tree to sling him up and away into the squid.
   "OOOOOOOOUUUUUUTTT!!!" he shouted as he flew forward and eventually crashed into the squid.
   "Wow! Look at him go!" exclaimed Bettina.
   "Just like David the Goliath!" said Roald.
   "That's David AND Goliath," Jeremiah corrected him.
   "Go on Dulce, everyone needs your...." Bettina looked around for Dulce, eventually spotting her pushing a lawn mower over her lawn. "Hey, Dulce!"
   "Sorry!" said Dulce, letting go of the still-running mower, "mowing the lawn helps me think."
   She ran toward the squid at mach speed, skidding to a halt when she was a few feet away from it.
   "We meet again, you gigantic nuisance!" she exclaimed.
   "I'm just tryin' to make a living," said Lyle the HRA employee.
   "Yeah, aren't we all? Now get out of my way."
   She shoved Lyle aside, where he fell to the ground.
   "Giant squids," he said with his face in the dirt. "Liability. Bang."
   "Alright, aqua brother!" she shouted. "Take this!"
   She swung the sword and began hitting one of the squid's tentacles.....with the hilt, which of course, wasn't doing much.
   "Hey, wait a minute all of you!" shouted Marina.
   "Use the blade, Dulce!" shouted Nate, who was still hanging on to the wriggling tentacle.
   "I can't," she responded. "This is a 'G' rated story."
   Just then, the squid grabbed Dulce in one of its tentacles as she wiggled and struggled for freedom.
   "Unhand me, you entrée!" she shouted as she punched the squid in vain.
   Nate had now both paws on the squid and was clawing frantically.
   "Just a few more swipes and I'll be pumped up!" said Nate.
   "Would you all stop already!" shouted Marina. "Is anybody listening to me!?"
   "I'm getting too old for all of this," Tortimer told himself. "Maybe I should just go home and watch The Grady Bunch."
   And so he did..........eventually.
   "Well, if Dulce is in trouble, then it's up to me to save her!" said Jeremiah as he ran toward the squid.
   "Hey! Count me in!" said Roald, wobbling behind Jeremiah.
   "Well, umm....I'm not a helpless girl, myself!" said Victoria as she followed in Jeremiah's lead.
   "Me neither!" shouted Bettina as she joined in.
   Soon, all Idyllites and tourists were now in the struggle against the squid. Groups of them grabbed hold of a tentacle, pulling with all their might to bring the giant monster out of dominance. Of course, this was nowhere close to easy, as almost every individual broke a sweat.
   "'Play tug-of-war with your friends; you might need that strength one day,' she said," a purple koala told herself as she pulled the tentacle with a group of other tourists. "'I don't need strength...I have tv,' I said. Why don't I ever listen!?"
   "Are you all deaf or just ignoring me!?" shouted Marina with her arms flailing around in an effort to get everyone's attention.
   Everyone was making so much noise in the struggle that not one of them noticed the runaway lawn mower that Dulce left running; in fact, it was coming straight toward the pond.
   Dulce was distracted with her fight against the squid. She and it were exchanging blows to the face—Dulce with her two-by-four; the squid with its tentacles. Where she got the two-by-four, we'll never know.
   Nate was the first to notice the approaching lawn mower. He stopped and stared as it mowed its way toward them.
   "Umm, Dulce?" he called to her.
   "I'm kinda busy, Nate," she replied, flailing her weapon.
   "I'm just curious, what kind of power does your lawn mower use?"
   "Electric, I think."
   "Well, I think we're about to be jump started 'cause here it comes!"
   Dulce and the squid stopped swinging and looked toward the incoming mower, which was now only ten feet away from the pond.
   "Crud," Dulce told herself.
   The mower took a nice plunge into the water, where it sparked and sent jolts of electric current throughout the pond and every living thing in it. Everyone's nerves were electrified, including the giant squid.
   After about five seconds of electrocution, everyone fell to the ground (all nice and toasted!) and the squid lossened its grip on its victims involuntarily. Dulce, Nate and Marina dropped flat onto the ground, followed by the squid who barely missed them by a foot as it smacked into the grass face-first.
   With nowhere to go, the squid could do nothing but squirm around and flail its tentacles at Dulce, who was also flailing her arms at it.
   Dulce pulled out the sword to go for the swing, when Marina surfaced from the pond in a hurry.
   "Stop! Stop already!" she shouted. "Just listen to me!"
   Dulce and the squid held their arms in the ready-to-attack position as they stared at Marina. (Dulce and the squid. Sounds like a singing group from the sixties, eh?)
Life is too short for hate...we have enough of that already.
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