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                                                              The Curse of Jack
                                                   A Short Animal Crossing Story by PeanutsBFF
                                                                       Chapter 1

A light autumn breeze blew through the air, sending a few brown leaves flying and getting lost in the bright blue sky.
Once the sun set, Halloween would truly begin.

Cookie hopped through the grass, so peppy that her huge brown eyes seemed to shine even brighter than usual, and her pink ears flapped as if the wind was much stronger. All she could think about was candy. She was so lost in the thought of the delicious sweets that she didn’t hear her name being called from across the street.
After a while, she felt a tap on her shoulder, making her spin around. “Are you here to steal my candy?!” she shouted. “I’ll never let you!!”
Her friend Carmen was standing there, unfazed. “I guess I should expect this from you,” she said. “Anyway, Cookie, you wanna go to the Halloween party with me tonight? I’m psyched. I’ve been practicing bobbing for apples all month, and they’re gonna have a contest! I was gonna ask you if you were excited too, but-“
“Candy!!” Cookie squealed. “I can’t wait! I wanna have so much candy!! Of course I’m coming to the party, but only if I can have candy too!!”
Carmen laughed. “I don’t think I need to ask. Just remember not to get greedy this time. I remember I used to do that and I was so upset when my bag was empty, so I started avoiding everyone until…”
Cookie zoned out again while Carmen kept talking.

Three little girls were at Nookington’s with a shopping cart, though they weren’t buying anything.
“There’s Pelly,” Huggy said, looking through a pair of binoculars, “and she’s buying…” The koala suddenly trailed off. “Are you sure we can’t buy any candy? It all looks so good….”
“No, Huggy,” Penny scolded. “We’ll get plenty of candy if we hit the right houses. Besides, we don’t have any Bells, and my parents think we’re out making french bread for the elderly, so be quiet and pay attention.”
Just then, the shopping cart stopped moving. Penny whipped her head around. “Hey, Lolly,” she called harshly, “what gives?”
Lolly was on the floor, gasping for breath. “C-could someone else push the cart f-for a while?” she panted.
“Fine,” Penny said, grabbing the kitten and pulling her up into the cart. “Huggy, you push; Lolly, you write. You’ve got the best paw-writing out of all of us anyway. Gimme the binoculars, Huggy.”
Huggy obeyed the mouse, gave her the binoculars, and jumped out of the cart, which began to move again shortly. Penny gave her notepad to Lolly, then put her binoculars up to her eyes, which lit up when she took a look at Pelly. “She’s buying chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, fruit gummies, and powder packs! Jackpot! We’re hitting her house more than once!”
“Can we do that?” Lolly asked, scratching down what Penny had just said.
“Of course we can! We’ll all look the same in our costumes. Just remember to change your voice each time.” Penny glared down at Huggy, remembering a mishap from last year. “Right, Huggy?”
Huggy ignored Penny and just sighed. “I just wish we could get some of those Dreamy Lollipops sometime. I hear they’re delicious.”
“I don’t think they sell them around here, though,” Lolly said. “We’d have to go really far to get them.”
“I dunno about you, but I’d go anywhere for something so good!”
“I bet you would, Huggy,” Penny replied. “I bet you would. Now keep pushing! We gotta see what Isabelle’s getting over there!”

“Gather ‘round, everyone, and hear the terrible, true story of Halloween!”
Static was standing next to a pile of unlit firewood, shouting into a megaphone. The sound attracted a crowd of animals, who surrounded the squirrel.
“Why are we all here?” Moe asked.
Static rolled his eyes and began to shout into his megaphone once again. ”Gather ‘round, everyone, and hear the terrible, true story of Halloween!”
All the animals covered their ears, including Moe. “Wait…what?”
Static raised his paw again, but then Mint cut in. “He’s going to tell a scary story.”
“Ohhhhh,” Moe said.
“A scary story?” Biskit repeated. “In broad daylight? That’s no fun.”
“Yeah…well,” Static muttered, “shut up. Anyway, I hope you’re all ready to be scared senseless!”
“I’m not ready!” Punchy yelled, standing up to leave.
“Too bad! Now for the true story of Jack, the Czar of Halloween.
“Jack is a mysterious man with a jack-o-lantern for a head. He wears a deep purple trenchcoat and black gloves and boots. You should know him, as we all dress as him for Halloween.
“But what you don’t know is that the real Jack appears in a random town on Halloween night. If you look into his eyes, he will put you to sleep, and you will forever be stuck in your worst nightmare.
“However, if you give him a piece of candy, he will lose his powers and be forced to flee the town. He won’t get them back until next year.
“And this year…he might be picking Aniville. Who knows?”
Static waited for the crowd to freak out, but aside from Punchy, who was shivering, no one moved.
“That was an okay story, I guess,” Peanut said, “but you claiming it’s true just ruined it. Do you think we’re idiots?”
“No!” Static replied defensively. “Well…yes, but it’s all true! I swear!”
“Yeah, right,” Merry groaned.
Not even Punchy was shaking anymore as the crowd started to leave.
“Wait! Wait!” Static called. “Come back!” After a moment of silence, he sighed in resignation. “Fine. Don’t believe me. I’m not the one who’ll be punished for it.”

A/N: This is just a short story I'm writing for Halloween. I hope you enjoy it!
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10/20/2017 3:06pm
Wait I'd love to have more of this story. Halloween is my fav, and you included some great villagers in the first chapter.

Also, very nice intro lines. I think they are very strong and set the mood so well for the season even tho I'm reading this now during summer!
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