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6/2 11:46pm
Some of you may have noticed that the recent update is numbered 1.6.0. and that this was meant to be the update number for the release of the Bell Shop. We also previously stated that the Bell Shop would be released in stages, with the first stage being released in Summer this year.

After trying very hard to get it running, it is with regret that we bring you some bad news. Since ACC is written in such old code we firstly don't have enough Devs to work on that code. Additionally, despite having a few Devs that are willing to work on the code unfortunately we have very few that are active at the same time as each other. For a project such as the Bell Shop we require several Devs to collaborate over the same time period. Over the Summer, only a single Dev was able to devote significant time to the Bell Shop and that isn't enough to get the feature completed. Even with his excellent skills, while some progress has been made, we're still falling short on help - particularly in the design (HTML, CSS, UI/UX) side of things. The old code complicates it further still.

So, moving forward from here, this is what we see happening short term. With the few Devs that we have who can work on features independently of each other, rather than in a group, we will continue adding some features related to the Animal Crossing games. There are still quite a few items missing or in need of updating for the older games which we'd like to address. You'll be able to see which items we are focusing on by watching the lightbulbs on the Site Features Queue board. Long term, ACC needs the code rewritten as this is the only way to attract a larger team of Developers.

The Bell Shop, although not the main focus anymore, will still be worked on as and when possible. However, we will no longer be announcing updates for it. If you'd like to have your say on this announcement about the Bell Shop and moving forward, please use this thread.

You will also have noticed that when you logged in you were asked to agree to new Terms again. This is because there have been some changes to the Site Rules. A comprehensive list of the changes are posted in this thread where you can also ask questions of the Modmins about these changes.
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