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11/9 3:12pm
Following on from the previous announcement, we are pleased to announce that three new boards have been added, and I would like to apologise that once again deployment issues meant that the boards couldn't be released earlier.

The new boards are:

AC:HHD General - This board is for discussions about the Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer game. Please be advised that although amiibo cards and figurines are part of the game, there is a new dedicated board for amiibo discussions.

e-Reader & amiibo General - This board is for discussions of Animal Crossing e-Reader cards and Animal Crossing amiibo. Discussions of non-Animal Crossing cards and amiibo should be posted on the Video Gaming & Consoles board.

e-Reader & amiibo Card Trading - This board is for finding trading partners for GameCube e-Reader cards and Happy Home Designer amiibo cards. Since trading involves exchanging personal contact details such as full names and addresses, it should only be done by those who are aged 16 years and over.

Any threads which should be on the above boards will be moved by Modmins over the next couple of days. If any threads remain on the incorrect boards please send a PT to a Modmin and provide a link to the thread. Thread creators can also amend the title of their threads by adding ''Please Move'' to the end of the title. This should alert any Modmin patrolling that particular board.

Since the boards have been released quite late in the day, the catalogue for logging acquired amiibo cards will be added tomorrow. The GC catalogue will follow much later, and hopefully will be accompanied by a working Trading Post for Animal Crossing e-Reader and amiibo card trading.

Tomorrow, it is likely that new rules will be added to the live site. These rule updates are part of a larger project by the Modmins and will be followed up by more rule updates by the end of the year. For now, six rules have been merged and/or removed, and trading rules have been updated alongside a few other updates. For more details about what is entailed with the upcoming rule changes please be sure to follow the Operational Updates thread on the ACC Noticeboard.  

Finally, apologies again for not getting the boards out on Friday. It's always ''fun and games'' when it comes to deployment, but we hope that the features in queue for deployment soon will make up for some of the delay.
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