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12/10/2022 4:57pm
To facilitate the trading of Animal Crossing e-Reader cards and Animal Crossing amiibo cards, some of the Site Rules have been updated, new boards have been created, and the Trading Post is being adjusted. Although the Trading Post isn't quite ready this guide has been created to help you make the most of it once it is released.

Setting up a Town and Character
Before you can use the Trading Post, or even simply catalog cards, you will need to set up a town and a character on ACC. If you are collecting Animal Crossing amiibo cards or GameCube e-Reader cards, but don't have Happy Home Designer or the GameCube version of Animal Crossing, you will still need to set up a Town and Character. At this moment in time the GameCube e-Reader cards aren't showing in the catalog but this will be fixed soon.

To set up a town and character, please follow the instructions below.

• In the left sidebar, look for ''My ACC'', and within that section look for and click on ''My Towns''.
• In the new page, below the ''My Town's'' heading, your username will be on display and to the far right of this will be a link called ''Add New Town''. Click on this to be taken to another page.
• In the next page, enter the town name, and choose the game applicable to you. Then click ''Save Town''.
• Returning to the sidebar and ''My ACC'', look for and click on ''My Characters''.
• In the new page, look for ''Add New Character'' in the top right of the page and click on it.
• In the next page, enter a name for the character, then choose the GameCube or Happy Home Designer town you wish to assign to that character. Leave the other information and choose a boy or girl face for the character. Then press ''Save Character''.
• Your town and character are now set up, and since the catalog system is linked to towns and characters you are now able to catalog your collection of cards.
• Return to the sidebar, and choose ''My Catalog''.
• In the new page, directly under the heading of ''My ACC'', choose your town and character from the drop down menu.
• The catalog for the chosen game will now be viewable. As stated above, GameCube e-Reader cards don't yet appear, but you will be able to access the catalog of Series 1 of the HHD amiibo cards by pressing the ''Edit'' button on the top right of the page.

Trading GameCube e-Reader cards or Happy Home Designer amiibo cards
If you wish to trade GameCube e-Reader cards or Happy Home Designer amiibo cards you will need to use the Trading Post. Please note that the Trading Post is linked to profiles. Since e-Reader and amiibo card trades involve sending cards to personal addresses, only Members aged 16 and over will be able to use the Trading Post to trade cards.

To trade cards, please follow the instructions below.

• Enter the Trading Post from the AC Community sidebar. You'll be taken directly to the Make a Trade page. First you'll need to choose the character whose catalog you'd like to use for a trade from the drop-down at the top. Now, from here you can find users to set up a trade in three different ways:

- Searching for users based on criteria
- Searching for users based on user name
- Searching for a specific item and/or encompassing category

A trade can also be set up from the "My Catalog" page. Simply choose an AC character from the drop-down. If that character is from a game that is eligible to use the trading post, a new catalog link called "Trade" will appear next to "View" and "Edit". Click the "Trade" link to initiate the trading process.

• After choosing a way to start setting up a trade, follow the instructions on screen. All Animal Crossing e-Reader cards and Animal Crossing amiibo cards should be viewable in the catalog, so that's where you can select the cards you wish to offer and wish to receive.

• Once you've got the cards set up the way you like them and have a trading partner chosen for the proposed trade, there should be a "Propose Trade" button. After clicking this, you should be able to write a message that goes along with the initial proposal.

• Now the trade proposal has been sent to the other user. The user on the receiving end will get a trade notification and can click it to view their open trades ("My Trades"). They need to choose which trade to go into. Trades that need action will have a next to the trade number on this page. e-Reader card trades and amiibo card trades will also have the special e-Reader icon in the e-Reader column. In the trade, the receiving user can either accept the proposed trade outright, reject the trade, or counter offer. In the counter offer process, the receiving user will go through the process of re-setting up the trade, only on their terms. Then a new proposal is sent back to the original user. At any time in this stage, the user who has sent the proposal can cancel the trade. If no action is taken after the last update to the trade status, and this goes for at any time in the trading process, the trade will expire in 10 days.

• Once the trade has been accepted, both users should be able to see each other's mailing addresses, if specified through the profile. At this point, both users need to get the cards shipped out to each other. Once a user has shipped their cards, they can check off the cards they've shipped and update the trade. Once both users indicate the cards are shipped, they can then check off the cards once they've received them. Each time somebody moves forward in this process, the status of the trade will be updated. Every time the status of the trade is updated, the expiration date of the trade will update and move forward as well.

• Once both users indicate they've received all of their cards or if the trade expires, both users will be prompted to leave feedback. Positive feedback can only be left if the trade ended successfully. All Trading Post feedback will be shown together in the totals of a feedback record. There is also a separate portion of the feedback record which represents e-Reader and amiibo card trades only. Once both parties leave feedback, the trade is closed.

Although the card trading area of the Trading Post isn't yet live, we hope that you'll enjoy collecting and trading Animal Crossing cards.

If you need any help with aspects of the My Towns, My Characters, My Catalog or the Trading Post, please post your queries in this thread.
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