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11/9 3:12pm
Within the next few hours we should be adding new boards for Happy Home Designer and amiibo card trading. Unfortunately not all of the Trading Post system will be completely set up for e-reader and amiibo card trading, but we will endeavour to get those deployed as soon as we can.

Accompanying the addition of boards will be some rule updates. A couple of those rule changes are related to amiibo cards, but most of the rule updates are part of a broader change that will continue for the next three months to ready the site for new features and policies.

We'd also like to remind you that whenever rule changes go live you will be required to agree to new terms when you next log on. This is completely normal, and is not an indication of a problem.

As before, Jader will announce the changes when they happen and a thread will be created on Site Support for you to report any issues that you may experience after the updates go live.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.
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Announcements Board » Topic: Updates to Rules and Boards

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