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5/25/2018 5:20pm
Hey everyone! I was cruising the forums and I couldn't find a Mega Man topic, so I actually decided to make it! So, here's my Mega Man bio:

Favorite Game: Mega Man 3
Least Favorite Game: Mega Man 7
Favorite Robot Master: Top Man
Least Favorite Robot Master: Junk Man

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4/21/2021 12:57am
I've only made it to Wily's Castle in Mega Man 2, but I own Mega Man 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6.
I LOVE facing Heat Man because his stage frustrated me so much at first, but now I can do it fairly easily.
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6/12 10:41am
There isn't enough love for the Blue Bomber, especially given that Mega Man Legacy Collection was recently released! ;o (Which is a great way to get into the series, if you don't already own the first six NES titles! ;D)

As for my favourite Robot Master, it'd either have to be Tornado Man or Magnet Man. As for my least favourite Robot Master, apart from the obvious Slash Man.. perhaps.. eh, probably Cut Man actually. He's literally just Mega Man with scissors pasted on his head, and bad posture.

As for game completion, Beaten Megaman 2 and 9, haven't even gotten to the Wily levels in any of the others (Except 3 maybe? ;T) -- although I don't own 7 or 8, so there's that.
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4/1/2020 7:49am
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