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6/25 10:14am
We wanted to let the community know that we've added in two extra spots in the Friend Code exchange tool where you can enter up to two additional 3DS console FCs.  These are labeled as "Nintendo 3DS Code 2" and "Nintendo 3DS Code 3".  If you go to My Friend Codes under "My ACC" on the left-hand menu, select the the 'Edit" action link under My WiFi Games and Settings and scroll down (or filter the list by clicking 3DS), eventually you will find these two additional slots where you can enter your other 3DS friend code(s).  Be sure to hit the 'Submit' button when finished.  

Remember that you will only be able to see friend codes for those games and consoles that you have in common with another member.  Members with more than one 3DS console can have up to three different 3DS friend codes that can be shown to other members now.  However, those with only one 3DS code registered will not be able to see the 2nd or 3rd friend code of these members because you don't have any additional 3DS consoles to register in the exchange tool.  With this in mind, we suggest that members with only one 3DS FC consider placing their sole 3DS friend code into all three Nintendo 3DS code slots.  This allows you to see "Nintendo 3DS Code 2" and "Nintendo 3DS Code 3" of others that have such codes entered.  Just be mindful that others with just one 3DS friend code to share may also do the same so you may see the same friend code for all three consoles for a number of members.  

For members that actively use more than one 3DS console for WiFi play and trades on ACC, this should make things a bit easier in sharing those additional friend codes.  Please be sure to inform your WiFi partners and buddies which of the 3DS codes to look for/use for the WiFi experience.  Nothing like missing a WiFi time because the incorrect friend code was being used.

As with anything new, there are bound to be kinks to work out.  If you need help with registering your friend codes or navigating the friend code registration pages, please seek out one our great Scouts to assist you.  Otherwise, please use the Site Support board to report any issues with the additional FC slots or the Site Suggestions board for specific comments about this functionality.

Happy WiFi-ing!

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