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9/5/2015 4:36pm
I'm not trying to harp on the site or anything, but as I look through the content on the site to get a feel of it... I can't help but notice much of it is outdated. Is there any way for regular members to contribute to changes other than via the "Post Information Corrections" thread? I wouldn't mind sprucing up a guide or two if I know anything about it, and I'm sure other members would not be opposed to helping either.
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8/2 11:46am
That is an excellent question, and not one to which I know the answer. iolite is probably the best person to ask; I have pointed her to this thread.
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8/7 5:38pm
Thanks Ethan.

Hi Pokedex! Welcome to ACC.

We definitely welcome help for the Community, and there are a few ways to contribute. As you correctly pointed out people can use the Information Corrections thread on Site Support, but this is mostly for minor changes.

For larger changes there are more options. You mentioned guides in particular, and the best way to contribute currently is firstly to let us know which guides you wish to work on. It's best for us to know because we may already be working on the guide and there's no point doubling up the work. If we aren't working on the guide we can let you know and you are then free to work on it yourself. To submit the finished or near finished guide you can either send me a PT or post the guide to a new thread on the Site Suggestions board.

At the moment, we are also setting up a new board called the Site Features Queue board. For more information on that board you can read this Sticky. I have a couple hundred more threads still to add to the board but the idea of it is to show the Community every feature that is in discussion or in queue to be developed. Some of those features are guides, and if there is already a thread for a guide you wish to work on you can submit your version on a new post to the appropriate thread.

Hope this helps.
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