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3/23/2020 9:53am
^^You know you should really just respect other peoples opinions without the need to berate them

I agree with the story and themes of which you were discussing as to me they are deep and well connected not just to the game universe but to real life as well. I love how Dontnod have used these elements of serious themes not just as plot devices but as a way for the player to gain a greater appreciation of what others have to go through as well. Yeah there may be the bad lip-syncing and some cheesy lines but at the end of the day I would say that I don't care as the characters and story are go engaging that the small flaws get pushed aside. Never have I felt so involved in an episodic game and each character feels special and unique. This game is definately one of the best games where I made choices as each one mattered and each time I had to seriously think of what to say or do unlike some of the more disappointing games I've played such as some of the Fallout series where the choices were very detached and bland along with the characters. My main focus is story and to me Life Is Strange has delivered an excellent one so far and I really hope that by the time we get to Polarized we can get that ending that truly capitulates what Life Is Strange is about. The emotion, the hardship and the honesty.
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8/13/2015 7:57pm
Rachel, I didn't consider their behavior rude, but more just dramatic, lol. Don't get stressed out, ok?
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