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Topic: HH showcase doesn't register?

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8/27/2017 7:33am
I have no idea if I am posting this in the right section... but I have a little problem with my spotpass/streetpass

When I go out and about, I do get spotpasses and streetpasses... They appear in my Mii-plaza and also in other games... but not in Animal Crossing

I tried switching off streetpass in-game and also from the settings menu where I deleted ACNL in my list of streetpass software.
I turned streetpass on again (acnl shows up in the list of streetpass-games) but no luck...

Has anyone else had this problem?
How can I fix this?

I'd love to get more homes to check out in my HH showcase!
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12/26/2018 5:23am
If you'll read through this, on page three the sixth post, I explain at the bottom of that post how to solve this problem. It's an ancient bug which still rears up its ugly head.

It boils down to the fact that the latest software added for Streetpass, doesn't get any Streetpasses. To solve this, just add some other software you don't care about. Letterbox has been deactivated hence it's a good candidate. Any other software which has Streetpassing capability is ok too, but then you won't get Streetpasses for that software.
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