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Topic: I need my account name to be changed

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7/29/2015 9:54pm
I made the horrowing discovery that I leave a hefty HTTP trail under my user name and I would like my name to be changed so that I may continue to participate in this community, but also keep this part of my life private as I am starting to enter corporate job ventures.
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Username changes aren't given out easily (at least for now), but if you have privacy concerns your best bet would be to open your profile, click Report a Problem, and then click the report button next to your username. You can then write a request to the modmins for a username change. Hope this helps!

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You are certainly welcome to turn in a request to change your username to the Mods using the procedure described by Dimentio95. Please give us as many details as you can. But just letting you know at this time we usually only give a username change under two things - too much personal information and inappropriate content.

We are working for a feature in the future (we don't have a timetable yet) where it will be much easier to change your username without even going through the Mods.

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Site Support Board » Topic: I need my account name to be changed

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