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3/11/2018 5:36pm
Preferred Name: Marcus
Date of Joining Staff: 17th June 2015
Staff Roles: Developer
Background to Username: I remember having this username foe the longest time. I think it's only ever fooled one person!
Background to Avatar: Rover is just the cutest! I'm a fan of cats anyway (honestly, I don't know enough about all the AC characters to pick out another cat)
Favorite AC Game: AC:NL and WW. I've spent exorbitant amounts of time on the handheld versions. Especially Wild World!
Favorite Color: My favourite colour right now is coral. It changes every year or so.
Hobbies: Architecting, Coding, Designing, Geocaching, Sleeping, Cooking

A Little Bit About Me:
During the day I'm an Architecture student in England. I will be for a little while longer and then probably until I die. I've also studied the subject in Japan and America (WI) with aspirations to work in the United States very soon. I'm pretty fond of traveling and meeting communities whom I wouldn't have met if I'd just stayed in England. I've studied Japanese too at University level but I'm far from proficient, or even basic sentences sometimes. I'm here to help with the designing of ACC and coding when I learn the language. Right now I know Objective C Cocoa Touch and some basic web languages. However, designing is something I'll be doing for a long time so I thought I could bring some skills to ACC!

If you have any other questions to ask me, this is the place and I'll try to be as helpful as I can!
Twitter arch_m_h
Website marcushirst.com
Let the Adventure begin again!
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