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1/20 4:28pm
If I had to choose my favorite AC hourly theme from each game from best to worst in a cohesive list, it'd probably look like this. Feel free to make one of your own, too!

6AM - NL, WW, GC (New Leaf really captures that feeling that the town is waking up. WW is catchy, but GC is just not quite as captivating. It falls very closely behind.

7AM - GC, NL, WW (The GameCube version really brings a morning feel with this song, and NL has a well-made follow-up to 6AM. WW is just too peppy for this early in the morning. It should have been an afternoon theme.)

8AM - NL, GC, WW (Definitely the best track in New Leaf IMO, as long as it isn't raining. GC delivers another happy morning tune. Another should-have-been-an-afternoon tune Plays in WW.)

9AM - WW, NL, GC (Now it feels like the middle of the morning! Way to go, WW, at making a simple, yet fitting tune for 9AM. New Leaf does the same, and while GC's is good, it's a bit too bland for my tastes. It's also too similar to 10AM, its superior version, IMO.)

10AM - GC, WW, NL (GC plays perfect morning music here. You're awake, it's not quite lunchtime, and you're getting stuff done. Wild World's should have been early morning music and it's a bit annoying. NL's is slightly more annoying in that it sounds like an incomplete version of the town theme of Paper Mario: Sticker Star and has annoying pizzicato strings.)

11AM - WW, NL, GC (Second-best day track in Wild World, peppy and brings a morning feel. Third-best track in New Leaf, but maybe better for an earlier hour. GC's is a bit annoying and sounds like you're getting hungry. It's fitting, but I feel that melodically, it's the worst of the three. A little more work into the song could bump it up, maybe.

12PM - NL/WW, GC (Lunchtime! I could pick apples to New Leaf's version. It's a simple theme that isn't too infectious. Wild World's is absolutely beautiful and fitting for the title, just like NL fits its own. It therefore ties. GC is, sadly, inferior. It isn't very fitting or as pleasing to the ears.

1PM - WW, GC, NL (Wild World's is catchy and fun, earning it the third-best day song here. It's fitting...you just ate lunch and you're raring for some bug-catching! GC's accordions are annoying in its 1PM, but the cat meows and melody sound like a late lunch...and it's just fitting for the title. NL's is annoying fast and I can't explain why. Maybe because it plays on one of my 3DS menus?

2PM - WW, NL, GC (The best day song in Wild World, IMO. It's catchy, simple, and somehow not annoying...perfect fishing or villager chatting music. NL's is inferior by far, but it fits New Leaf. Its relaxing, but it sounds like the character is, while watering the flowers everywhere, getting a bit bored. GC's is annoying. A song that simple and repetitive should not play for almost 120 loops!!

3PM - GC, WW, NL (Just as or more repetitive than 2PM, but more pleasing to the ears. Wild World sounds like it's telling you to hurry up and do something...quit, maybe? NL is repetitive and makes it sound like the character is sickeningly bored. One of the worst tracks in New Leaf.)

4PM - GC, NL, WW (GC and NL both sound like an a sunset is approaching, but GC's is more pleasing and complete, IMO, earning it the second-best day track. WW's version sounds...awkward...especially the glockenspiel near the end.

5PM - GC, NL, WW (There is no bad 5PM. Each game has a wonderfully-fitting track for 5PM. It's the best day track in GC, IMO, and the fourth-best in WW. In New Leaf, it's third best. The sunset is here!)

6PM - GC, WW, NL (Hurry! Talk to the villagers before they get inside! GC delivers a catchy, fun evening track. I can't think of a better hour for it. In Wild World, it's great music to do...anything in. I could seriously listen to this song through 6AM-8PM, earning it the fourth-best night song in the game...it would be third, but it's not very fitting for night. New Leaf's is disappointingly dull.)

7PM - GC, WW, NL (There is no bad 7PM song, like with 5PM. It's long and dynamic in the first two and just beautiful in the second. And sounds like night is finally setting in. Imagine watching fireflies or the aurora borealis in NL to its music! Third best night music in GC and NL.)

8PM - WW, GC, NL (Second-best night music in Wild World. I like to call it the Ballad of the Tarantula. The irony and general beauty of the composition is what makes it so great...that, and it's somehow not annoying despite its repetition. GC has a fast night song...unique, but entirely fitting for the hour. New Leaf delivers a peaceful night version of what sounds like just the main theme. It's not the best song in NL, but it isn't a bad song at all.)

9PM - GC, WW, NL (GC's is perfect. It's a normal villager lullaby, since they go to bed at this hour. It's peaceful and fitting, earning the best night music in GC. WW is ominous. Why is it ominous? Tarantulas and other scary things? NL is the same way...BUT PAINFULLY ANNOYING. I find myself hypnotized into moaning this melody when I hear it. It's like a dirge. It's the worst AC hourly theme song, IMO, which is a shame, because I play at 9PM far too often.

10PM - WW, GC, NL (Wild World's is similar to GC's beauty quality. It's reminiscent of 12PM. It sounds like moonlight on an electric piano with a snoring accordion. It ranks fourth-best night song on my list. GC's is a waltz I used to hate, but nostalgia brought it up to second place. That and it truly grasps the feeling that the villager really should be in bed because Nookington's is closed and the normals are asleep. Third best GC night track. New Leaf's would be better if it didn't have that weird synth.)

11PM - WW, NL, GC (I forgot about this song until I heard it again. It's fitting, because it expresses the sadness that the shops are closed. It's not the best night song, but it's close. The rain rendition is one of the few rain renditions that make the song almost better. New Leaf's is fitting...and would be lower down if GC's didn't sound like the musician was falling asleep. Nice job, Mr. Totaka.)

12AM - WW, GC/NL (Each song is telling you to go to sleep already! Wild World's is just better-sounding. GC and NL tie. Neither is much better than the other.

1AM - WW, NL, GC (Wild World has the best night music of any game, so you can expect a masterpiece here...but New Leaf shocked me. It almost matched Wild World's, but was too repetitive. GC's 1AM is disgusting. At least 9PM in NL had a melody...or something to hum in the first place. At least it's not hypnotic in that sense and it isn't a dirge. It's just...ugly. Worst hourly theme in GC, bar none. It sounds like you're lost...or panicked...or doing something you shouldn't be doing...

2AM - WW, GC (A wonderful song, praised for its pleasing melody and relaxing tune all-around...and great remix potential. It's sadly too plain in Wild World to suit me... 2AM in GC is like you're taunting bedtime and you're out scaring all the sleeping villagers. "You're doing the all-nighter? Fine! Here's some help! Good luck!")

3AM - WW, GC (The best night song in WW...one of the best in AC. It's catchy...it actually sounds kind of gospel-y, doesn't it? The rain music isn't bad either. GC's is close behind...but not in beauty. Fittingness. It's like you crashed after your 1-2AM party.)

4AM - GC, NL, WW (One of my favorite tracks in GC overall...or gaming, overall, earning the second-best night music on the list. It's like the insomniatic snoop's anthem. That snare or clap or whatever that instrument could be is unique to this song. This is one of the few AM themes I've heard in NL because I was all too curious. It's really spooky...for good reason in Japanese lore. It's the worst night theme in Wild World aside from 9PM...but it isn't bad.)

5AM - GC, WW (You've almost made it through this all-nighter! The sun is coming up! GC's just sounds better and more complete.)
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4 am - GC

My list is short.
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I respect that list
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11/11/2016 11:24am
6 AM - GC, NL

7 AM - GC, NL

8 AM - NL, GC

9 AM - GC, NL

10 AM - GC, NL

11 AM - NL, GC

12 PM - NL, GC

1 PM - NL, GC

2 PM - GC, NL

3 PM - GC, NL

4 PM - NL, GC

5 PM - GC, NL

6 PM - NL, GC

7 PM - NL, GC

8 PM - GC, NL

9 PM -  GC, NL

10 PM - NL, GC

11 PM - GC, NL

12 AM - GC, NL

1 AM -  GC, NL

2 AM - GC, NL

3 AM - GC, NL

4 AM - GC, NL

5 AM - GC, NL

Not that I don't like the one that's ranked last (the "I don't like" goes to WW and CF tracks and that's also why they're not included here) but it just means I like them less. Like, I like NL's 9 PM but GC's 9 PM, I like more.

GC's Christmas 5 PM tho. It's my favorite music out of alllll the hourly tracks in the entire series
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