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7/24/2015 7:31pm
Hey guys,

I have Animal Crossing New Leaf a few days now, and yesterday I tryed to go online for the first time (with somebody from ACC)..
She opened her gates, I connected.. It showed her town, I clicked it, and a few seconds later I got the following message:

Error Code: 018-0512

Unable to connect to partner's device.

Please try again later.

If the problem persists, something in your network environment may be causing connection issues with your partner.
I haven't tryed to go online with somebody else yet. But since she can connect with other people I am thinking it is because my network..

I searched on Google and the Nintendo website for the code, I got a 'fix' on the website of Nintendo.
I changed the IP adres and so of my 3DS manually, but I can't find an demilitarized zone / DMZ on my router.. Also, when I try to portforward it, I get an error message that the router is unable to open the ports 1 to 65565 because there are ports that are used already..

I really hope that somebody here can help me with this problem ( and maybe want to try to go online with me for checking if that Error Code also exists with other people )

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11/27/2016 11:11am
I've had this error message too, and I can't seem to get it fixed. Is there anyone out there that can help me out?

I can get on the internet with my Pokemon Y game, as well as connect to the internet in general with my 3DS, as well as access the Nintendo eShop and the Pokemon Bank.  It seems that AC: NL is the only thing I have that doesn't seem to want to connect.
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