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8/20/2018 2:43am
I'm not sure if this is the right board and I apologise if it is not.

I want to play a computer game on my laptop which needs a disc, but laptop does not have a disc drive.
If I were to use an external disc drive plugged in at USB port, would the game still work well, if at all?
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6/12 10:41am
It should do! Given that external CD drives are still CD drives. I did this before running The Sims 2 on my old netbook, everything went perfectly fine. (Well, other than the fact that it was laggy because my netbook was really weak.)

Though yeah, external CD drives work just as well as built-in ones, from my experience. The only difference is that from my experience - external CD drives are louder.

Though, do make sure that your PC meets the specs of the game you're trying to run! ;o It's no fun buying a game only to find out that your PC is too weak to play it.
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