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Topic: Thoughts on the new Animal Crossing games

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8/4/2015 7:46pm
As some of you may or may not know, at E3 this year, they showed off two spin offs from the Animal Crossing franchise.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer and Animal Crossing Ammibo Festival

I wanted to know what everyone thinks of these two new games, and what you like and dislike about them!

I'm hoping this is a way to get more hype for the Wii U game!!
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Can we get a Wii U version soon please nintendo?
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5/20/2020 2:22pm
about the achhd the cards will come in blind packs and the first run will be 100 of them but there will be even more.... so i dunno, it can become hard to collect for if you dont find your favorite in the first 50 buys and your stuck with a bunch of extras. also if you cant craft/collect anything to unlock ingame stuff. then you are 100% depending on the cards for anything in the game. it can fast become a desperate collector trap that have you running around like crazy looking for cards.

about acaf it got the amiibos, these are cool but costly and can become even more costly if nintendo dont make enough of them. you also can use the amiibos with achhd and the acddh cards in acaf to unlock stuff. other than that its a mario party game with ac theme. i am not into that, if you dont have a lot of friends that are into ac, it will become boring fast.

one thing is for sure these two games will become very costly, if you start collecting the cards and amiibos for them...

but there is still hope for an new proper acu game, we still have gamescom 2015 that takes place between 5th – 9th august -> Link Here
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11/11/2016 11:24am
It seems like every AC title that's abbreviation ended in "F" almost no one liked.



Both were unfavored by the fanbase.
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