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6/2 11:46pm
I wanted to post a couple updates for everyone.

First, after hearing that some members are experiencing issues with threads archiving and losing valuable information, we've switched off the archive feature for now, and will monitor how things go over the next few months. We may decide to leave it off for good, or we may figure out better alternatives. But for now, we're leaving all threads active going forward (note: previously archived threads are still archived).

Second, the Modmins and I would like to introduce you to a new board - the Site Features Queue board. This board will eventually list almost all of the threads that we have on the Staff work boards, and which relate to features that require Devs to implement. We haven't finished adding all of the threads to the SFQ board yet, but at least half have been added and there is certainly enough for the Community to get involved with.

Please note that you shouldn't post in all threads on the SFQ board. For a more detailed breakdown of the board you should read the ''Site Features Queue Board - Information and Guidelines'' Sticky, and if you have any questions about the board or threads you should post in the ''SFQ Board - Questions & Information Corrections'' Sticky.

You will see mention of ACC 2.0 several times on the SFQ board. This is because the current aim after the release of the Bell Shop is to rewrite ACC. However, this is not certain and we'll update you again after the Bell Shop is open.

Talking of the Bell Shop, we are looking at releasing this in multiple stages, so that we can get the features to you quicker, and so we can get feedback sooner. This approach also helps keep the changes small, reducing the risk of bugs. Again, we'll update you soon on whether that will happen and what each stage would involve.

For now, enjoy the new board and watch out for at least a couple of hundred discussion threads that will be added to the SFQ board over the Summer.
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