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Idea: New Leaf guide for The Roost.
Date: September 2013
Suggested by: iolite
Defined by: ACWWFreakazoid, AnnetteSR, Devin2600, Elva, Honey_Gal, Liv909, Saphris, TaylorGS, WarriorOfFire
Coded by: ACWWFreakazoid
Release Date: 2017

Outline: ACC guides require in-game information so please add the coffee preferences of the villagers in your town to help get this guide live.
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Since it's a daunting task to test all of the coffee preferences due to the fact each player can only work once per day, we're asking the community for help. This will also be a good chance to deduce the preferences of the newly added villagers. If you need information on unlocking the Roost and/or the ability to help out Brewster, see the end of this post. To contribute, simply do the following.

1. Open up this spreadsheet.
2. Help out Brewster. Use the spreadsheet to determine what to choose for each character that comes in. If there's already a confirmation (or it's a new villager that's not on the list), try out an untested combination to see if it works. Generally, villagers have a correlation between the Milk and Sugar (None/None, A Little/One Spoonful, Regular/Two Spoonfuls, Lots/Three Spoonfuls), so that's a good place to start when choosing those two options. Special characters don't necessarily follow this pattern though.
3. Post the results for each character here and I'll update the spreadsheet. Please use the following submission format:

Character Name: Beans, Milk, Sugar - how well it worked

For example, if I was reporting my confirmation of Apple's preferences I'd use:

Apple: Blend, Regular, Two Spoonfuls - Perfect

We're also using this opportunity to try to figure out when the special characters can be found at the Roost. If you see one when you visit the Roost, please post here using the following format:

Character Name - Day of the Week and Time - whether you have the Early Bird or Night Owl ordinances in effect (or neither)

For example, I could report my DJ KK sightings as:

DJ KK - Saturday 5:45 to 6:30 pm - Night Owl ordinance

Unlocking the Roost:
Once you've donated enough items items to the Museum and the Museum Shop has been open long enough, Blathers will bring up the Roost as a possible PWP.

Unlocking the ability to work at the Roost:
Once you've bought coffee enough days in a row, Brewster will give you this option.
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