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9/23/2017 3:56pm
Okay, so I know this has been done a lot, but there are just some many ideas that either myself have come up with or things I have seen other ACCers say that they feel should be put into the new Animal Crossing game. Along with this list are things that should be brought back to future Animal Crossing games.

This is going to get long so I'll bold the important parts.

[1.] Water Lily
Back in the ACPG version of the game there was this adorable water lily that sat in the middle of the "lake" or fat part of the river. It changed with the seasons and needs to come back.

[2.] Sending Letters via WiFi
I want to be able to send letters to my friends in other towns via WiFi again. If it were easier I think I would be more inclined to send more letters. (:

[3.] More Colors for Flowers!
Some of the flowers don't come in certain colors and I think that needs to change. I'm not too concerned about getting more varieties of species of flowers as I am for colors. Like blue tulips and cosmos.

[4.] Catch & Release System for Fishing
I think it would be a fantastic idea if, when I'm fishing, I had the option to release right after the catch. So after the game does it's little fish spiel with the silly pun if an option popped up right after to "Keep" or "Release." It would make fishing go much smoothly. Especially when it comes to Sea Bass.

[.5] 2 or 3 Save Files per Game
Let's be honest. We all want like 5 towns but can't afford that many games.

[6.] Obtaining Stationary via Post Office or Sent Letters
I, personally, can tend to neglect the post office, unfortunately. I think that it would be cool if I could go to the post office to buy stationary instead of getting it from the normal store. ALSO, back in ACPG days you could obtain stationary from letters that were sent to you. I believe this would make getting stationary a whole lot easier.

[7.]Catalog for Nook's Homes
I'm the type to want to change up my house a lot. Maybe make it look super spooky for Halloween or put a red roof up for Christmas, but honestly, that would take waaay too long. I think that there should be some sort of catalog system for Nook's Homes so if I want to change my roof I don't have to wait a month to find it. I would have to have bought before though.

[8.] More Space for Patterns
With the QR code machine everyone and there mother loves all the new clothes and patterns that there is. Also, with the ability to custom make furniture what is there not to love. Well, I can only carry so many patterns. They could make the icons smaller .. Or maybe more pages so that way I can have a page for dresses, a page for the town path and then maybe a page for all the awesome furniture in my house. So this way I don't have to have a side character mule.

[9.] Signs or Ability to Choose Location of New Neighbor
We all know the feeling. The satisfaction of making our town perfect. Only to find out that a new neighbor put their house smack dab in the middle of your path, orchard or golden rose garden. There should be a system in which the villagers don't really have much of a say in where they move. Maybe a new neighbor's first day could be spent at the town hall. You talk to them and they ask where a good spot to live at would be. Then, like Isabelle, they could follow you around to certain spots until you both can agree. (Maybe the villager prefers to live near the ocean)

[10.] Bigger Island
Have you ever played the Evening Cicada tour? Or any tour that has that giant island? How come our island can't be like that? It would make island time much more enjoyable. It's so hard going to the island with a friend to bug hunt without scaring their bug away or bumping right into each other. The larger island should be the standard island size.

[11.] Island Villagers
Along with the cabana and larger island space I think they should bring back island villagers. One villager per island, out of a handful of specific island-y looking villagers.

[12.] Encyclopedia Checklist
In my opinion I think that the encyclopedia should come full. I want to know the info that is already given without having to keep looking online or back and forth through the guide. There should be a way that the bugs or fish you catch become highlighted when looking through the encyclopedia.

[13.] Larger Island Basket
Honestly, I'm just lazy and I hate going back and forth from the island to Retail.

[14.] Upgradeable pocket/backpack
Maybe you become really good friends with all three of the Able sisters and in doing so you get to upgrade the amount of space you have in your pockets. Maybe you can collect certain things and then bring them back to them and they can make you a back pack? Maybe.

[15.] Mobile Music Player
Would you rather be listening to your favorite K.K. song than the hourly music? I know I sure would.

[16.] More Ambient Sound
Going back to the Evening Firefly Tour, that ambient sound in the back ground of Summer time. Yeah, I like that. A lot and I'm wishing for it back in town.

[17.] Journals!
Bring back the journals. I want to be able to log exactly the days that I play. I want to write notes about what happened that month. I miss it.

[18.] Villager Selling/Buying
I'm kind of wishing that there was a way I could set a price for something of mine that a villager wants. Sometimes I honestly just want to give it to them for free. I don't need that maple leaf shirt anyway.

These are just a few of my ideas and I would love to hear what all you guys would add to it. I'm sure I could think of a hundred more.  
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11/11/2016 11:24am
The only problem with #9 is that if you wanted to harass your dream villager right when it moved in, you would have to WAIT a day just to get them to move, and ANOTHER day for them to unpack.  That would tick me off if I got Sydney in my town. But the re-addition of signs is perfect. I think at the beginning of your town when Isabelle is like "[Player] became mayor today!!! Let's plant a giant tree to celebrate!" the initial five villagers would have their house in random spots around the town, and when your approval rating got to 100, when you sit in your little office chair in the back, along with "Public Works Projects" and "Ordinances" you would also have the option "Place House Locations". The only difference between the setup of these and the setup of Public Works Projects is that they wouldn't cost any money, (if they did they would be 100-1000 bells) and they would be made instantly, instead of taking a day. (I mean, does it really take that long to make a sign with a piece of paper nailed to it?)

As for my own ideas, I would like to see some of the villagers from the GameCube version to come back. I want the joy of meeting Murphy again when I make a new town. It would also be interesting to see them in the taller "New Leaf form".

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12/2/2020 3:47am
New Flowers and Flower Colors
Irises, Mums, Pink Pansies, etc.

Allow Players To Move Furniture Even With Villagers Over
This will be very helpful.  Just admit it!  People have had trapping issues (I ALMOST did with Baabara) and had to reset just because they weren't able to move furniture around with a townie over.

Some GameCube Villagers Back
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