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4/18 12:49am
Idea: Fix avatar background borders.
Date: August 2012
Suggested by: CyndiWho
Defined by: CyndiWho, Duchess, GoldenCelebi
Coded by: Duchess, ACWWFreakazoid
Released: March 2017

Outline: At the time of the suggestion the problems with the avatar background borders were as follows:

Custom [Thick black border]
Landscape [Thin black border]
Staff [Border is color of background]
Staff [No border is present]
Staff [Thin black border]
Staff [Thin silver/grey border]
Staff [Thin blue border]

Since the suggestion some of the borders were fixed when another feature, changing avatars from .gif to .png, went live. However, this suggestion remained because some fixes were still outstanding. Since then, it has been suggested that all avatar backgrounds be saved without borders, and the 1mm black border be added separately. This would mean that if borders wished to be changed later they could be done quickly with some code rather than having to work on every avatar background individually.
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