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5/22 12:00pm
Idea: Sort ability for threads.
Date: February 2012
Suggested by: iolite
Defined by: 707penguin, ACWWFreakazoid, AnnetteSR, GoldenCelebi, iolite, Jarikira, KaterCeasie
Coded by: ACWWFreakazoid, aldericon
Released: Fall/Autumn 2016

Outline: On each board there are headings above each column which are: Title - Posted By - Replies - Unread - Latest Post

On every board the threads are shown in order of Admin-Locked Stickies, Stickies, All other threads. The order in which each are shown depends on when each thread last received a most. The ones with the newest posts are always at the top of their individual groups.

The idea here is to make all the headings clickable on each board so that anyone can click on Title, or Posted By, or Replies, or Unread, or Latest Post, to find the threads they wish to read. Since there isn't currently a search feature, and Control/Command + F works by page and not on all devices, having clickable titles may be helpful for finding particular threads, or threads by certain people.
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