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5/22 12:00pm
Idea: Disabling markup easily.
Date: July 2011
Suggested by: Rodents210
Defined by: ACWWFreakazoid, aldericon, GoldenCelebi, Rodents210
Coded by: aldericon
Release expected: March 2017

Outline: The original idea was for markup to have an opening and closing tag, and for there to be text between tags. The first part was added as a feature and explained to the Community in this announcement. It was decided that the second part couldn't be done until ACC 2.0 and therefore the only thing added in this feature was to have another option in the Quick Markup area above posts to disable all markup.

The markup update linked to in the previous paragraph, also makes it cumbersome for people to share templates on ACC. Here is a simple line:

This is an example line

To share that as a template it needed to appear on ACC like this:

[b][color=grass]This[/color] [color=FF8800]is[/color] [color=apple]an[/color] [color=555555]example[/color] [color=deeppink]line[/color][/b]

To make it appear as it does above, you used to have to put an opening and closing markup tag within each opening and closing markup tag used. This is shown below using the tags [i][/i].

[[i][/i]b][[i][/i]color=grass]This[[i][/i]/color] [[i][/i]color=FF8800]is[[i][/i]/color] [[i][/i]color=apple]an[[i][/i]/color] [[i][/i]color=555555]example[[i][/i]/color] [[i][/i]color=deeppink]line[[i][/i]/color][[i][/i]/b]

Now however, you don't need to breakup each markup opening and closing tag. Instead, you can simply add [code] at the beginning of the template you wish to show, and [/code] at the end.

Using the same example line, you would enter the following:

[code][b][color=grass]This[/color] [color=FF8800]is[/color] [color=apple]an[/color] [color=555555]example[/color] [color=deeppink]line[/color][/b][/code]

Please note, that the relevant part has been bolded above just to make it more prominent. When you are using the markup, it doesn't need to be bold in order to work.
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