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4/1/2022 10:10am
A couple of days ago Nintendo announced via Nintendo Direct some things relating to one of our favorite franchises, Animal Crossing   

While there was no news about the next full installment for the Animal Crossing series, Nintendo did announce a spin-off game called Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for the 3DS slated for release in Fall of 2015.  This game focuses on designing rooms for our favorite animal neighbors.  What was also announced regarding this game was that it will make use of amiibo cards.  You will use these cards to import an animal into the game so that you can decorate their room to their very specific taste.  You may also use these cards to invite other neighbors over to view rooms you've already decorated for other neighbors.  The cards, along with an amiibo scanner for use with older versions of the 3DS and the 2DS, will be released on the same day that the game is released.  

The other Animal Crossing related news was that an Animal Crossing DLC expansion pack is coming for Mario Kart 8.  The DLC will be available earlier than anticipated on April 23.  The pack will include 8 courses, 3 new racers (Isabelle, Villager and Dry Bowser), and 4 new karts.  In addition to enjoying the Animal Crossing theme as a faster-paced racing tune, each time you race the course you'll be treated to a different season - Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer - just like in the Animal Crossing games.  

Finally, as a Bell Shop related side-note, we've already decided on having E-Cards similar to the amiibo cards available in the Bell Shop for Villagers, NPCs and Special Visitors.  Looks like you will have a lot of amiibo and E-Cards collecting in your future
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